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Are expensive BBQ grills worth the money?

Getting to the point

There are a lot of BBQ grills that, in our opinion, are massively overpriced and simply not worth the money. However, some are worth every penny. If you're going to spend a good amount of your hard-earned money on a BBQ grill, here's what you should look for: 

  • A good-sized grilling space 
  • A good build quality 
  • As long a warranty as you can get your hands on 
  • A number of different cooking techniques 
  • All-year-round grilling capability
  • Good value for money 

In our search, we have struggled to find BBQ grills that tick all of these boxes. The majority of all the gas BBQs are very one dimensional. BBQ smokers are better, but as soon as you find ones that are feature rich and aren't built from a tin can, they often seem to require you to take out a second mortgage. 

We have only found 2 brands that we can truly say are worth every penny: Pit Boss and Louisiana GrillsPit Boss, especially, are a fraction of the price of their competition for a better-quality build, have a better warranty and a huge grilling space. 

For the full range of Pit Boss and Louisiana Grills, click here.



A bit more information 

The idea that BBQ grills and gas BBQs are seasonal purchases is one that our nation has long been fed, as every spring we see BBQ fans across the UK research the BBQ smoker UK market to decide which grill they want to invest in for a (brief) summer of outdoor cooking and flavoursome meat feasts.

With retailers stocking such a vast range of products of varying quality, the idea that some BBQ grills are worth hundreds (if not thousands) is suddenly very plausible. But does that really make them any better?

This article looks at some of the top-end BBQ grills currently on the market, exploring what it is that gives them such a high price and whether that actually elevates their effectiveness or not. Could there be a product on the BBQ smoker UK market which does the same job at a much lower price?

The top end of the BBQ grill market

Many will assume that gas grills belong at the top of the market. After all, they offer complete control through a highly intelligent system which relies on technology and digital displays – and isn’t that something we are all striving for in the modern world of technology? Not only that, but they also look super sleek and stylish, whilst relying on something more than open fire – a trick which the market would have us believe makes them all the more effective and easier to use.

In many industries, the answer to the question of enhanced technology would be yes, but when it comes to outdoor cooking – a concept triggered by our ancestors who cooked over an open flame and enjoyed meat with charred edges and intense aromas – is technology really the best?

The top end of the BBQ market is dominated by the big players in the pellet smoker sector – Louisiana Grills’ Elite LG800 and Premium LG1200 models, which feature their own levels of technological intervention but in a way which retains the value of a real authentic cooking experience.

Let’s start with the LG800. This is a BBQ smoker which takes the ancient concept of smoked meat and combines it with innovative digitisation in order to provide the user with a high-quality finish in a user friendly and easy-to-control environment. Built around a mains electrical supply, the Louisiana Grills range uses pellets, which are slowly released to feed the burning fuel supply that sits at the bottom of the cooking cavity. You can easily switch between direct and indirect grilling of the meat by opening or closing the cooking tray so that the meat is either quickly seared atop the fuel source, or indirectly cooking through the transference of heat and smoke. The best bit? All of this can be controlled from the exterior of the grill, and the fuel is topped up via a side box built into the BBQ which automatically feeds the fire as and when required.

Meanwhile, the premium LG1200 model takes all of these incredible features and bolsters them further with even more modern intervention; adding a WiFi connection into the main body of the grill so that the user can control all of the above via a smartphone app. Another highlight of the Louisiana Grills pellet smoker range is its compatibility with not 1, but 8 different cooking methods. The design of the grill means that meat can be smoked, chargrilled, roasted and even baked. Maximising airflow through the cooking cavity with an unique burn system and enhanced design, it is not difficult to determine that the Louisiana Grills range deserves its place on top of the market, as a premium versatile BBQ smoker which deserves its high price point.

But is it the only option which offers such innovative benefits and such a well-rounded design?

Exploring the benefits of Pit Boss smokers

Another range of pellet smokers available at Buff BBQ, the Pit Boss range takes on all the benefits of a leading BBQ smoker and channels them into a design which is not only extremely user friendly, but also extremely affordable. The variety of sizes and finishes expands the possibilities for buyers and allows different users to choose the exact features they need from their grill.

Pit Boss has taken the concept of pellet smoking and, much like the Louisiana Grills range, has transformed it using a design which allows 8 different cooking methods within the 1 grill. Though not including the added WiFi connection, the Pit Boss pellet smokers are still digitally controlled from the exterior and provide optimum cooking results in all weathers, all year round.

In short, Pit Boss takes all the benefits of an expensive BBQ grill and puts them into a more affordable casing. This lets you decide how you want to cook your meat and gives you the control of a gas fired environment, but with the authentic flavour of a traditional open flame.

 For those looking at the value of a pellet smoker and comparing different ranges, we would suggest that the first thing you need to do is decide which features are really important to you, and which ones you can do without.

If you need access to a complete remote-control base, then the WiFi functions of the more premium Louisiana Grills pellet smoker is probably a worthwhile investment. However, if you are simply looking for a way to achieve the best finish on your meat, then the Pit Boss range may well be better suited to your requirements.

All ranges available at Buff BBQ are available with a 5-year warranty, giving you the added peace of mind that your purchase will stand up against the test of time. More than anything, our available smokers are selected by top of the range BBQ smoker fanatics and experts – meaning that everything we stock and sell has been chosen specially for its value and effectiveness.



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