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How does a pellet grill compare with an offset smoker?

 Getting to the point 

We love the idea of a traditional offset BBQ smoker. The problem, is that's all we love - the idea.

  • We don’t want to have to stand near a burning fire for 18 hours
  • We don’t want to have the pressure of manually maintaining a fire at the perfect temperature  
  • We don’t like searching for flavoured wood that always seems to be out of stock
  • No one likes seeing a grown man having a full-on temper tantrum because the BBQ is taking longer than expected and it's already 8 o'clock


If, like us, you live in the real world where you have a few other commitments, like kids you can't give back, a partner that needs a morsel of attention every now and again or, heaven forbid, a few other household chores that need doing, you may need a pellet BBQ smoker. They come with a range of benefits, such as:

  • They're easy to use, maintaining the temperature throughout a cook is straightforward 
  • They can be controlled with the flick of a switch (some can even be controlled via WiFi or Bluetooth)
  • Once you set the meat to cook, apart from checking internal temperatures and pellet levels every few hours, you’re good
  • They have 8-in-1 cooking versatility, so whether you fancy a quick BBQ or a low and slow smoke, you're covered
  • With all the features and tech, you actually feel like you've got something for your money 
  • You can cook all year round without an issue

If you’re blessed with endless time and patience, feel free to give an offset smoker a go. If you’re not, or have decided that your offset smoker is too much of a pain and already shoved it to the back of your garden shed, it’s time to start looking at pellet BBQ smokers. 

Buff BBQ stock the best value BBQ smokers, specialising in Pit Boss and Louisiana Grills.


A bit more information 

The thing to remember about smoked meat is that we all have our own preferences regarding flavour and intensity, and we have our own ideal means of achieving the perfect smoked steak. Smoked meat is one of the most ancient methods used by our ancestors – little did they know back then that even today, we would be investing in evermore technological and advanced ways of achieving that smoky finish in the best and easiest way possible.

But what does the secret to perfect smoky meat look like to you? Is it a digitally enhanced BBQ smoker, designed to provide optimum usability without impacting on flavour? An example of this is the Louisiana Grills pellet smoker, complete with built in Wifi and digitisation for remote control and temperature regulation. Or is your ideal piece an offset smoker? Designed to look like something between a standard BBQ grill and an old fashion steam engine, the meat is cooked principally by the infusion of hot smoke rather than exposure to the direct heat source.

What we tend to find is that buyers on the BBQ smoker UK market do not realise that the different types of grill available all boast their own individual benefits and advantages – and that it’s only by purchasing an all-round product like a pellet smoker that you can benefit from all those unique features in one handy grill device.

How does an offset smoker work?

First and foremost, the cooking method itself is revealed in the title – offset smokers are all about the smoking of the meat. Designed alongside the main cooking body of the grill is an offset firebox, with the other side housing a tall chimney which releases the smoke after it has passed though the main cooking cavity.

In short, the meat is cooked via the secondary infusion of smoke and heat transference rather than direct contact with the fuel – allowing for a more controlled and flavoursome cooking experience, which takes longer but truly reaps the benefits.

What are benefits of using an offset smoker?

Much like the pellet grill and other BBQ smokers that Pit Boss and Louisiana Grills stock, offset smokers command a wide range of different benefits and advantages – and not all of them relate to the flavour, though this is of course the main aim when it comes to the end product.

For one thing, cooking in an offset smoker requires no additional preparation – all you need is your meat, some high-quality charcoal or wood, and something to light it with. By not exposing the meat to the heat directly, you do need to factor in additional time in which to cook your meat. Most users find that this time is excellent when it comes to infusing and adding the flavour into the meat, and that in the case of smoking, it really is worth the wait.

Other benefits of using an offset smoker include:

  • A healthier meat which is not fried or grilled in its own fat, but rather smoked to perfection
  • Intense aroma and flavour across the whole meat
  • A very even cooking experience for the meat
  • A straightforward experience which needs to be monitored closely but which leads to perfect results

How does a pellet grill differ and what additional benefits does a pellet grill offer the BBQ experience?

Having explored the benefits of an offset smoker and the incredible flavour that this kind of outdoor cooking can produce, is it really possible for there to be something even more effective on the market?

We believe the answer to this is yes, and that market is led by the pellet smoker – with Buff BBQ stocking 2 of the highest quality brands, Pit Boss and Louisiana Grills.

The difference between a pellet smoker and an offset smoker is not in the smoking results, but rather in everything else that the grill has to offer. The pellet smoker leads the BBQ smoker UK market thanks to its ability to do so much more than simply infuse smoked flavour and cook a piece of meat to a high-quality finish.

Boasting 8 different cooking methods in 1, the Pit Boss range of pellet smokers are perfect for those who want to use their BBQ smoker in all weather conditions all year round, whether it be to achieve a great summer BBQ, finish a Sunday roast or simply cook a quick and easy midweek meal. Taking the best features from BBQ offset smokers, gas grills and open fires, pellet smokers allow you to achieve authentic flavour in a heavily controlled environment that can be externally regulated using the smart digital display and even – in the case of the latest Louisiana Grills range – through a smartphone app.

Other additional benefits of the pellet smoker include the vast range of sizes and models available – from portable smokers to extra large grills ideal for entertaining. The easy to use displays and heat plates, as well as the authentic flavour which can be trialled and experimented with using a range of hardwood pellets available are all bonuses of a pellet smoker.

Should you invest in a pellet smoker or an offset smoker?

In short, the pellet smoker offers everything the offset smoker does, but with enhanced additional features, a smart user interface, and all the top level results you would expect from a high level smoker. At Buff BBQ, we stock both Pit Boss and Louisiana Grills ranges and also provide an industry-leading 5-year warranty so that you can grill your way all year round without any worries.

So, if you’re looking for that smoked meat experience with all the control of a modern grill but all the freedom and flavour of an open flame, consider how pellet smokers can enhance your year-round cooking options for all occasions.  



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