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How much does a Traeger grill cost?

Getting to the point

Traeger make a fantastic grill, no one can dispute that, but they're just so expensive. The real question isn't how much does a Traeger grill cost, it's is it really worth the money? 

The answer: no (not in our opinion, anyway) 

Hold fire with the abuse Traeger fans, here's why we say we don't think its worth the money. Pit Boss and Louisiana Grills, have virtually the same offering at a fraction of the price. Pit Boss and Louisiana Grills promise bigger, hotter, heavier, direct flame searing and an industry-leading 5-year warranty for less money. 

How they do it, we don't know - but they sure as hell deliver. The ranges from both Pit Boss and Louisiana Grills are absolutely amazing and there's virtually no comparison when it comes to value for money. 

In our opinion, Traeger Grills are simply not worth the money when you compare them to the range of Pit Boss and Louisiana Grills smokers. 

Buff BBQ stocks the full range of Pit Boss and Louisiana Grills BBQ Smokers.


A bit more information 

With a solid following and a history of over 30 years on the market, Traeger is one of the leading producers of pellet smokers and grills around the world. They offer high-quality results for all users, through 6 different methods of cooking and an easy user experience which commands highly effective results, every time.

Similar to the Louisiana Grills design, modern Traeger grills harness the modern power of WiFi in order to give you complete control over the settings and cook time of the grill without ever having to lift the lid, while the 100% hardwood pellets that complement the Traeger grill provide rich flavours and aromas that transfer well into the meat.

It’s often said that Traeger Grills wrote the book on modern BBQ smoker cooking, having first designed the concept of a wood-fuelled BBQ smoker more than 30 years ago. But does that rich history mean that Traeger is still top of the market when it comes to providing pellet smokers to the BBQ smoker UK market?

Traeger vs. Pit Boss and Louisiana Grills

First let’s look at another leading brand – Pit Boss – and how this high-value brand compares with the Traeger grill.

Boasting a very similar design, both the Traeger and Pit Boss pellet smokers utilise a side box which stores and contains the pellets ready to be funnelled into the heat box, where they are ignited to provide that flavoursome smoke and the all-important heat required to cook your meat to perfection. One key difference, however, is how the actual fire pit is used. Where Traeger keep the fire to one side in order to always offer that smoked finish, Pit Boss have placed their fire pit directly in the middle of the cooking cavity with an adjustable sliding plate which can be used to either expose or cover the direct flame.

Moving on to Louisiana Grills, it is great to see that the brand has encompassed the same level of technology into some of their models as Traeger, adding that enhanced user experience by allowing the grill to be connected directly to a smartphone for ultimate control and the perfect smoking environment.

However, as Traeger have adapted to the demands of the modern market, increasing their reliance on digitisation and even building a WiFi connection into their grills, both Louisiana Grills and Pit Boss have spread their wings in a different way. They have taken Traeger’s 6-in-1 cooking method feature and adding a further 2 methods to the mix, resulting in a 8-in-1 BBQ smoker which is as effective at finishing a roast dinner at Christmas as it is feeding the masses at a summer BBQ party.

So, with so many advantages sitting on both sides of the fence, how do you decide which is best, and how can we ascertain whether the Traeger Grills original product is better or not?

This is where it comes down to price – and in answer to the original question, a Traeger grill costs far too much.

Exploring the cost of a Traeger grill

First and foremost, the quality of the meat and the smoked finish is something that buyers need to be willing to pay for. After all, any customer could head out and buy a simple BBQ drum and cook a steak or two on it. What all these brands are offering is an outdoor cooking experience enhanced by the most intense flavour possible. They take the oldest method of cooking and put the concept into a modern day BBQ smoker which can not only channel all the flavour into the meat, but can also create the perfect caramelised finish and juicy interior.

When it comes down to cost, however, Traeger Grills are pipped to the post by Pit Boss and Louisiana Grills – purely because Traeger is demanding too much of a cost. What we tend to find is that Traeger prices its products based on being the original market leader, however, with newer brands offering additional features and more of a user friendly experience – not just digitally but also in regards to the removable trays, shelves and adjustable legs – Traeger prices suddenly seem far too high.

Do Pit Boss and Louisiana Grills provide more value than Traeger?

Let’s break it down a little further as we explore the finite value of both the original Traeger brand and the slightly newer models offered by Pit Boss and Louisiana Grills.

On the whole, it appears as though users raved about Traeger’s original models, whereas the newer range doesn’t receive quite as much praise. This is something which could be attributed equally to both the new factory based in China and the fact that originally, they had no competitors, and so there was no one to compare the products to.

That said, Pit Boss in particular have recently received much higher levels of great reviews for the excellent value they offer, alongside the increased warranty, which now gives all customers 5 full years of cover – compared with just 2 years for Traeger.

And finally, the size of the grill itself in line with the cost. When comparing the premium Traeger grill with the pellet smoker offered by Pit Boss, the size of the grill and the most similar price leans heavily towards Pit Boss offering far greater value – not just in terms of the cooking space you get, but also in the ease with which the user can separate cooked meat from uncooked meat; meat options from vegetarian choices, and even smoked meats from unsmoked meats.

So, the next time you’re contemplating a Traeger grill based on the brand name and their history as the original creator of the pellet BBQ smoker, you may want to explore the BBQ smoker UK market a little further and see what you can find in the Pit Boss and Louisiana Grills range. You might just find you get a little more for your money.



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