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How much should you spend on a new BBQ grill?

Getting to the point

A super basic BBQ smoker or grill

 How much you spend on a BBQ smoker or grill is down to what you intend to do with it. If it's a simple BBQ in the garden once a year, you will probably want a very simple and cost-effective BBQ grill, setting you back far less than other types of grill and available from virtually anywhere. We certainly would advise looking into a BBQ smoker at that price. The cheap and cheerful ones you see sold online are generally worth more as scrap metal than they are as a smoker, and the most time you'll spend on them is putting them together. 

I want something that will last

If the aim is to have something a little more fancy as you want to enter the world of BBQ smokers, then the most simple BBQ smokers are around £250-£400. For this price, you'll be able to get a very good entry level pellet smoker such as the Pit Boss Tailgater. This will give you portability and an 8-in-1 cooking versatility that will easily conquer those BBQ parties and more. 

I want something a little special 

Upgrading a little further will take you into the £600-£1,000 bracket. Now you are talking about a serious BBQ smoker - something that will last and be able to tackle the bigger BBQ parties and family events. For this kind of money, you'll enter the realms of: 

  • The Pit Boss Austin XL 
  • The Pit Boss Navigator 850 
  • The Pit Boss Navigator 1150 

    Unless you're looking for some extra quirky features, then these smokers will suit you for the foreseeable and all come with a 5-year Pit Boss warranty.

    I want something with all the bells and whistles

     All-inclusive grills start around the £1,000 marker. At this level, if you want best value for money, you should be looking at the Louisiana Grills series. They come with features that other manufacturers either consider to be additional extras or simply don’t include. Their Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity allows them to be controlled from virtually anywhere, while their superior build quality and 5-year warranty gives you peace of mind that you've invested your money wisely.


    A bit more detail 

    The outdoor cooking world is divided into 2 categories of chef: those who continue to use the beaten up old BBQ drum they have been using for the past few decades; and those who like to upgrade their BBQ every couple of seasons, always looking out for the latest innovation and the most user-friendly solutions to outdoor cooking with a difference.

    The fact is that both of these types of outdoor chef will at eventually need to upgrade to something new – and this article is here to tell you why the best option will always be a Buff BBQ pellet smoker.

    Factors which set our pellet smokers apart from the rest of the market – and make them such a good investment

    Before we get into costs and looking at the best value BBQ smokers, we first need to understand exactly what it is that we are paying for in the BBQ smoker UK market. Contrary to our American friends who seem - in movies at least - to always be cooking over an open flame, the modern UK BBQ user is a little more conservative in their approach; likely to look for a BBQ which is safe, easy to control, and time efficient in use.

    That’s not to say that we don’t like our flavour. Buyers are often finding themselves at a crossroads when it comes to prioritising either the functionality of an electric or gas grill or the authentic flavour of a charcoal grill. But why choose?

    The pellet smoker is a BBQ grill built to last – a fact solidified by our commitment to the customer and a 5-year warranty on all smokers sold through Buff BBQ. Stocking high quality products from both Pit Boss and Louisiana Grills, our pledge to bring the very best in BBQ grilling to life in the UK has made our products some of the most popular BBQ smokers on the market – and here’s why.

    • All of our BBQ pellet smokers are built for use all year round, utilising a contained burn cavity which can be easily filled with pellets and set to stay at your chosen temperature, before being completely covered to keep the maximum amount of heat inside the grill. This means that even on the rainiest of days, your pellet smoker will still achieve the optimum heat and finish your meat off to perfection. This is a feature which sets pellet smokers apart from their charcoal smoker counterparts, as a hint of rain in the air can be enough to ruin the heat generated by your traditional charcoal BBQ.
    • The cooking versatility afforded by the range of pellet smokers is second to none, providing not 1, but 8 different methods of cooking – suitable for all taste buds and meal types. This 8-in-1 feature gives you the options of grilling, smoking, roasting, baking, chargrilling, braising, and even searing, making the pellet smoker suitable, not just for your BBQ burgers and steaks, but also for your Sunday roast, your afternoon bakes, and your chargrilled vegetables.
    • The Louisiana Grills range boasts innovative WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to connect your smartphone up with your grill and remotely control the temperature and from the comfort of your living room. This provides the complete control of an electric or gas BBQ, with the unrivalled taste that pellet smokers provide.
    • The Pit Boss range of BBQ smokers boasts that much-coveted real smoky flavour through complimentary hardwood pellets, which can be burnt across the entire cooking cavity or limited to a small portion – allowing the user to choose between a direct flame grill, or the low and slow smoked cook.
    • Pit Boss have also given thought to user comfort and practicality, installing removable and multi-purpose shelving into their BBQ grills. These smokers place emphasis on ergonomic legs and reinforced structuring, and include a series of internal shelves which help the user determine how close each piece of meat should be to the heat source.
    • Both Pit Boss and Louisiana Grills provide the versatile use which allows users to cook on a direct open flame or using the convection transfer of smoke and heat, in a completely controlled environment – without compromising on quality.
    • Any BBQ smoker purchased from Buff BBQ comes with an industry-leading 5-year warranty, giving you the peace of mind that your grill will be covered come rain or shine for the first 5 years of ownership.

    There are a series of factors to be considered when spending your money on a new BBQ grill, and making sure you get the best grill for your money is key. With the Buff BBQ range of pellet smokers, not only do you get authentic flavour and quality, but you also get practical use, complete control and user-friendly features – something which cannot be said for any other type of BBQ. For a BBQ grill which promises everything and delivers high quality excellence across the outdoor cooking roster, pellet smokers are the answer. 

    Our range of BBQ smokers and grills are made with you in mind – they are affordable for all budgets, depending on the size of grill you are looking for and the exact features you may want.





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