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What is the best portable grill?

 Getting to the point 

You've decided to invest in a portable BBQ smoker, now it’s time to cook wherever you want. The amount of times I've been to a gathering and thought, “I wish I had brought my Pit Boss and helped create something we could have all enjoyed”.

So, what should you be looking for from a portable grill?

  • Should be compact and easy to carry
  • Should be able to cook enough to feed the party
  • Must be reliable and offer a good quality cook 
  • Must deliver that mouth-watering flavour we expect from a BBQ smoker
  • Must be easy to collapse and assemble 

The Buff BBQ winner: Pit Boss Tailgater 

The most compact pellet smoker we’ve ever seen - and it’s portable. It has an open flame broiler for searing your meat as well as premium smoker performance. Somehow, the guys at Pit Boss have created this powerhouse unit in such a small frame. Hands down the winner, no questions asked.

A Bit More Detail


How many times have you headed to the beach or the park, or over to a friend’s house ready for a big outdoor cookout, armed with a disposable charcoal BBQ or intent on building your own fire to cook on?

The fact is, one of the best things about outdoor cooking – and one of the things which has made it a go-to cooking staple for humankind since records began – is that it can be done anywhere… provided you have the right equipment.

That’s not to say that a disposable BBQ or handcrafted firepit doesn’t have its value, and there is a place on the market for both; particularly in the case of large groups with little budget who want to roast marshmallows and cook a few burgers.

But for those serious about outdoor cooking and achieving that distinct smoky finish of a chargrilled piece of meat, you may find yourself searching for something a little more reliable and high-end.

The Pit Boss Tailgater

Enter the market leading portable BBQ smoker – the Pit Boss Tailgater, created with travelling BBQ fans in mind.

Utilising the hardwood pellets of the full Pit Boss BBQ smoker range, the Tailgater is a grill designed for portable use; bringing the ingenuity of the pellet smoker to the BBQ smoker UK market, complementing the Pit Boss selection of pellets, ranging from a pure wood smoke aroma to more intense and varied flavourings and infusions.

After all, here in the UK we love a picnic and a gathering with our nearest and dearest. What better way to add something special to those occasions than with a BBQ smoker which is designed to provide the highest quality of smoked cooking, in a smart and portable package.

How easy is it to move around?

Arriving as somewhat of a flatpack, featuring the main body of the grill alongside removable legs, wheels and add-on features, it becomes immediately obvious that the legs can not only be removed but also folded up under the body of the grill for ease of transport. The feed system and pellet box – the focal point of both the Pit Boss and Louisiana Grill ranges of pellet smokers – slots into place with one swift movement before being screwed into place, making it easy to remove again and clean before transporting.

Once the piece is all together, using it couldn’t be easier – with the pellet smoker Tailgater model needing only a small amount of pellets in the firepit to get started, before the user can set the dial to their ideal smoking temperature and leave it to start generating heat and that all-important smoke.

What other benefits does the Tailgater have that makes it such a great product?

You may be reading this thinking, “That’s all very well, but I can achieve a delicious smoky effect from a cheap disposable BBQ in the supermarket – and I won’t be left with any cleaning to do when I get home”. And in a way, you’d be right.

But what we haven’t yet covered is the intense level of smoke which is achieved when using a Pit Boss pellet smoker, and how the latest in these smoker grill ranges not only matches, but surpasses the beauty and value of a disposable charcoal BBQ.

For one thing, using a sophisticated internal heating and convection system where the user can switch between a direct flame and indirect smoked heat with ease, the Pit Boss Tailgater is great not just for those summer nights, but for any time of year – providing everything from the perfect smoked steak to the well roasted leg of lamb.

In fact, the Louisiana Grill pellet smoker – another range sold by Buff BBQ – takes this sophistication to another level; providing you with WiFi connectivity which allows you to easily link your grill up to a smartphone app. This gives you complete control over the heat and intensity of the cooking process from the comfort of the sofa and is super easy to use.

In short, what the Pit Boss range – including the Tailgater – offers is a high-quality smoked grill experience, from the ease of a fully controlled and portable environment. We understand that finding something to fulfil all your needs and requirements may not be easy, and that as self-confessed connoisseurs, we often find we have to compromise one thing in favour of another.

In the case of the portable disposable BBQ, it’s the impact that a drop of rain can have on your BBQ fun. In the case of a small gas stove, it’s the lack of authentic smoke and chargrilled finish that you will achieve on your meat. And in the case of a large BBQ smoker, it’s the fact that the grill is quite simply impractical to move and it can’t come with you no matter where you want to go.

But the pellet smoker is different – offering a whole new level to the BBQ smoker UK market, and one which we believe is here to stay. So, the next time you’re heading off on a staycation or popping to the park for a grill up with your friends, consider the Pit Boss Tailgater – not just affordable and providing optimum quality, but also ensuring the guarantee of a 5-year warranty and the expertise of the nations finest BBQ creators.



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