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What are the pros and cons of a pellet smoker?

 Getting to the point 

 The pros of a pellet grill

  • The 8-in-1 cooking versatility 
  • The mouth-watering flavour only achieved from a BBQ smoker 
  • Easy temperature controls 
  • Easy to maintain temperatures even through longer cooks
  • Minimal experience required to operate
  • Set it and forget it - longer cooks without the manual labour 
  • The ability to cook all year round 

The cons of a pellet grill: 

  • More expensive than a traditional smoker, unless you choose a Pit Boss smoker, in which case the answer is that there are no cons (no, really).

Buff BBQ Stocks the full range of Pit Boss & Louisiana Grills.



    A bit more detail 


    Looking back over the vast history of outdoor cooking across the UK market and further afield, it is not hard to identify the various pros and cons of each different design and brand. While charcoal BBQ smokers and wood burners can provide that authentic smoked taste and beautifully infused flavour, their overall quality is negatively impacted by the fact that they are extremely seasonally limited and can be difficult to clean after use. Meanwhile, the more modern gas and electric BBQ smokers and grills may be easier to control, monitor and clean, but with the removal of that authentic smoked finish and wood burned chargrill, many buyers find that they might as well use an oven for all the BBQ affect that these more modern grills give them.

    And yet, despite these obvious ups and downs across the majority of the BBQ market, with buyers having to decide on their priorities and compromise some preferences, the market around the popular pellet smoker seems to exist without any drawbacks. Brands such as Pit Boss and Louisiana Grill have successfully drawn the positive aspects from a variety of early BBQ smoker models, and transformed them into something which provides optimum high-quality results, an easy user experience, and a price tag that no one can argue with.

    With that being said, let’s take a closer look at the pellet smoker and how well equipped it is for the BBQ smoker UK market.

    The pros of a pellet smoker

    There are a number of features and design elements which set the pellet smoker apart from its competitors on the BBQ grill market, including an oversized box which sits to one side and holds all the fuel (pellets) required for cooking.


    The Pit Boss range of pellet smokers available at Buff BBQ all include the metal case to the left hand side of the BBQ grill, which can be filled up with the pellets – providing enough fuel for the entire cooking session as the pellets drop into the fire pit gradually which provides the direct flame heat, as well as the transferred heat generated inside the cooking cavity. This pellet casing gives the user easy access to top up and monitor the quantity of pellets remaining, without even having to open up the grill. This ensures that the heat and smoke is retained and uninterrupted during the cooking process.


    Another pro of the Pit Boss pellet smoker is its ability to cook your meal in 8 different ways – from chargrilled to smoked, boiled, and seared. This is thanks to the easy to use adjustable cooking tray, which can be transferred between direct flame heat and the heat transferred through the convection method – similar to the way an oven works.


    You may be wondering how a grill can possible be intelligent - but hear us out. One of the best and most unique things about the Louisiana Grill range of pellet smokers is the way that the creators have incorporated our modern reliance on technology into one of the oldest methods of cooking. This gives the user complete control without ever taking away from that super authentic and natural wood smoked cooking experience. Boasting built-in WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity which allows the user to link the BBQ smoker up with their smartphone, the Louisiana Grill smokers can be controlled completely through an app – adjusting temperature and cook time depending on the requirements and timescales.

    The Pit Boss models available may not have the same WiFi connectivity, but they do boast a digital screen which makes reading, understanding, and adjusting the temperatures very easy for all degree of outdoor chefs. In fact, you can even turn your pellet smoker on and off without ever opening the grill’s lid.

    Year-round smoked perfection

    One of the top advantages to owning a pellet smoker is that it really doesn’t matter what the weather is doing or what time of year it is – your smoker will always provide BBQ smoked perfection fit for any meal, whether it be sausages, burgers, or even a Sunday roast.

    This is because the digital display lets you check and adjust the temperature without lifting the lid of the grill, and the advanced design retains temperature better than ever before. No matter cold it is outside, your BBQ smoker can still create the smoky furnace your steaks need to become infused with delicious flavour.

    Other benefits and advantages of a pellet smoker

    Other more low-key pros of owning a pellet smoker include:

    • Complimentary design for the comfort of users
    • Wide temperature range across both the Pit Boss and Louisiana Grill range
    • Adjustable shelves both outside and inside the BBQ smoker, for optimum storage of cooked and uncooked meats
    • Benefit from a 5-year warranty on all pellet smokers from Buff BBQ, including the Pit Boss and Louisiana Grill ranges
    • Affordable prices

    The cons of a pellet smoker

    Compared to other BBQs, there aren’t really any cons when it comes to pellet smokers.

    The idea behind the design of the pellet smoker was to take the very best features from all alternative BBQ smokers and grills, and combine them into one industry-leading product. The results really are fantastic – even in the eyes of the most professional veteran outdoor chef.

    The size of pellet smoker you opt for will determine the cost, though it is worth noting that most pellet smokers do not come close in price to some premium gas and electric smokers on the market, and yet still boast many of the functional and practical features that these gas and electric products are known for. Aside from that, the 5-year warranty you receive on all Buff BBQ purchases should solidify your trust in our commitment to customers, and upon buying a pellet smoker you will find that the proof really is in the quality of the final produce




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