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What is the best BBQ grill?

Getting to the point

The factors we use to determine the best BBQ grill are: 

  • The cooking space 
  • The ease of use 
  • The flavour of the cook 
  • The features of the grill
  • The warranty 

Bearing these factors in mind, the best value BBQ grills on the market are:

The Pit Boss BBQ Smoker Series


Although they lack WiFi functionality, the build quality and other features that come with a Pit Boss grill virtually make them unbeatable when it comes to value for money. Their range starts from small and portable to up to 2000 square inches of cooking space. Whether you need something to fit in the back of the car or you’re feeding a small army, Pit Boss has something for you. With their industry-leading 5-year warranty, you can feel safe in the knowledge that you've made a reliable investment. The full range of Pit Boss smokers is available with speedy delivery at Buff BBQ.


A bit more detail


The market around BBQs and grills is wide ranging and extremely full. Some examples of BBQs that retailers are now offering include the highly controllable outdoor oven-style gas BBQs, disposable charcoal BBQs that are ideal for picnics and traditional drum BBQs which rely on a mixture of charcoal and chopped wood for the best possible cooking experience.

The fact is, while most of the options are dictated by preference more than anything else, it is not just the user experience which is impacted by the BBQ grill you choose. This choice also has an impact on the outcome of the meat both in terms of the cooking quality and the intensity of its flavour.

Most meat lovers will tell you that the heat of a direct flame is the only way to get a perfectly caramelised outer crust with a juicy and flavoursome inside – with the majority selecting a charcoal or wood-stoked grill over a modern gas design. But with the new BBQ smokers hitting the UK market and utilising the value of hardwood pellets as a source of flavour and heat, could that be about to change?

We think so.

The value of pellet smokers as a BBQ grill

With both Pit Boss and Louisiana Grills bringing BBQ smokers to the UK market, the demand for these high value products is growing as more and more seasoned BBQ fans realise the benefits of the pellet smoker.

Built around one easy-to-control interior function, the pellet smoker features a main cooking cavity with a fuel box attached to the side, which can be filled with more pellets during cooking without disturbing the smoked environment that is created inside the main cooking chamber.

The point of a BBQ smoker is to infuse as much flavour from the smoke into the meat as possible – something which becomes less effective if you have to keep opening the lid to add more fuel. Thus, the inclusion of a side chamber is a simple but highly effective feature which means the Pit Boss and Louisiana Grills pellet smokers just make sense.

Once lit, the experience continues to get better and better, with smokers benefitting from a simple digital display which allows the temperature to be regulated and controlled from outside the grill – This harnesses the control and power you get from a gas BBQ, without losing all the flavour and intensity of an authentic flame.

How do pellet smokers compare with the other popular types of BBQ grill?

 In essence, what you will find with a BBQ pellet smoker is that the complete design and usability combines the very best features of other BBQ grill styles, fitted together to create one superior BBQ with a high user experience and top quality results.

For one thing, the highly controlled cooking environment is a reminder of the modern gas BBQ – a design heralded by those who like to cook outside with ease, but which many report often leads to the loss of that authentic smoky flavour of a BBQ cooked piece of meat. However, with the pellet smoker, this control has been paired with the hardwood pellet fuel source, which not only retains the smoked quality, but actually accentuates it – giving the user up to 8 different methods of cooking all within one design.

Louisiana Grills takes this control one step further by introducing WiFi control to the grills; allowing you to download an app which gives you complete control over your grill from the comfort of wherever you need to be. In a modern world where hosting and cooking is so much more than simply standing over the grill, this innovative concept is what elevates Louisiana Grills above so many of its competitors – without ever taking away from the outdoor experience that so many BBQ fans love.

What should I look for in finding the best BBQ grill?

 When we talk about value for money as a benefit to a BBQ grill, we first have to distinguish what it is we want from our grill – including how large it needs to be, how many features and add-ons we want it to have, and how long we expect it to last.

The fact is, grilling and smoking is increasingly becoming an all-year-round method of cooking, with more and more buyers across the BBQ smoker UK market looking for a solution which can not only grill their burgers, but also complete their roast dinner and chargrill their midweek lunchtime snack.  While many BBQ grills are unable to be used in adverse weather, the Pit Boss and Louisiana Grills pellet smoker models are designed to thrive in all weathers – making good use of the solid structure and hard-wearing design to ensure that no rain or chill is allowed to impact the cooking environment beneath the grill’s lid.

Add to that the Buff BBQ industry leading 5-year warranty on all pellet smokers and BBQ smokers, and you’ve found yourself a winning model which is designed to last as long as you need it to.

Will I have to pay through the roof for a long-lasting, high-quality BBQ grill?

 This is where different models and brands come into play, with many using their additional features and modern technical advances as reasons to bump up the cost. Here at Buff BBQ however, our commitment is to the customer and their end goal – providing high quality smoked meat, in an easy to use and practical grill – which can be used all year round and will truly withstand the test of time. Priced affordably to be accessible to as many people as possible, we believe that the BBQ smoker UK market is ready for a change of pace. With the Pit Boss and Louisiana Grills models now available in the UK through Buff BBQ, we are ready to help the nation achieve fine flavour on the best BBQ grills available.




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