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What is the best BBQ smoker?

Getting to the point

The factors that make the best BBQ smoker are: 

  • Ease of use
  • Flavour of the meat
  • Control of the smoker
  • Value for money 

Taking these factors into consideration, the very best all-round smoker is the pellet smoker. Pellet smokers are used by both professionals and novices alike and give the user ultimate control. Many now even come with WiFi and Bluetooth control, so you are able to control your BBQ smoker remotely. With 100% real wood pellets, they are able to deliver an amazing quality of cook with mouth-watering flavour.

Charcoal smokers used to have the edge when it came to flavours, however with the Pit Boss charcoal pellet, that’s no longer the case. When it comes to value, Pit Boss and Louisiana Grills sit way above the rest. With a superior build quality, porcelain covered grills and an industry-leading 5-year warranty, you really won’t find anything that gives you more bang for your buck.

Taking into consideration all the factors listed above, Buff BBQ recommend: 

Pit Boss BBQ Smokers 

Louisiana Grills BBQ Smokers 

A bit more information   


How many times have you been over to a friend’s house for a BBQ or cookout and seen them using the same old drum BBQ they’ve had since you’ve known them?

Many of us see outdoor cooking as a luxury limited to a small slice of the year; something which happens in the occasional flash of sunshine and warm evenings, and which is gone before we can ever really get started. While this holds some off from investing in high quality equipment and the latest in outdoor innovation, we are here to tell you that by pulling out that old rusty drum, you are only doing yourself – and your steaks - a disservice.

The market around BBQs and outdoor grills has grown exponentially over the last few years, now including a plethora of different products and items which support not just simple grilling over an open flame, but also braising, slow cooking, smoking, roasting, and even baking.


BBQ smokers engage unique structural builds and explore different ways of cooking the meat – from placing it directly atop the heat source to filtering that heat through, using all the flavour of hardwood pellets but all the ingenuity of a convection oven.

And that’s not all. In a world where technology has inundated every industry, even the world of BBQ and grilling can now benefit from this, with some of our most modern products utilising digital temperature scales and smartphone connectivity.  

Finding the best BBQ smoker for you will depend on your budget, your requirements, and your cooking preferences. But if you are someone who likes to receive excellent quality at very affordable prices, then we might just have the product for you.

What makes the Pit Boss BBQ smoker a market leading product?

First and foremost, one thing that the guys at Pit Boss have got entirely right is the influence of not 1, but 8 separate methods of cooking. Understanding that we all have our own tastes and preferences, the beauty of a Pit Boss BBQ pellet smoker is that the product can complement any cooking style, from a simple quick grill right through to a slow cooked smoke.

Available in a range of different sizes, the Pit Boss range has been designed by BBQ lovers, for BBQ lovers. Everything is super simple to use and always effective, promising the best results while still giving you that peace of mind with an industry-leading warranty of 5 years. The complete structural design and build of the Pitt Boss product range is such that the grill can be utilised for optimum use whatever the weather, while the weighted cover keeps your product protected when you decide to step back inside and cook on your stovetop.

What we love about the Louisiana Grill smokers

Another brand which is making waves in the BBQ world is the Louisiana Grill range of smokers and grills; designed with a stylish exterior which suits any outdoor space, offering all the grandeur of an American grill and all the finesse of a perfect British BBQ.

Armed with a unique WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity feature, Louisiana Grill offers one of the most conducive products on the market to all-year-round cooking, giving you the ability to control your grill from the comfort of your home – a feature we like to call the “set it and forget it” tool, whereby the grill can be left to cook and infuse the meat without any further monitoring. Of course, to achieve that perfect chargrilled finish you may choose to slide the plate across and give each piece of meat a few seconds to be seared atop the open flame – but for the low and slow cooker, the innovative burn system of the Louisiana Grill promotes an even cook throughout each steak or burger.

What should I look for in a high quality BBQ smoker?

As soon as BBQ smokers and grills were introduced to the British outdoor cooking market, the game was changed for good. Promoting everything great about the American concept of a cookout, the introduction of BBQ grill smokers and complementary pellets has turned the British BBQ from a rare summer affair into something suitable for all year round, allowing you to expand your outdoor cooking regime to include not just the BBQ staples but also roast dinners, baked goods and everyday essentials.

One of the best things about a high-quality BBQ smoker is that it can be used come rain or shine – providing optimum results, whatever the weather. This is thanks to a heavy gauge steel design with reinforced legs and a high-temperature powder coat finish, which protects the exterior from both the external elements and the internal transference of heat.

 So, the next time you find yourself struggling to provide an even cook across your whole roster of meat; keep your cooked food warm while keeping it away from the direct heat of an open flame; and retain the heat inside that decades-old drum BBQ, consider the value of upgrading to something new. Do yourself justice and find something which will compliment your requirements, restore your love of outdoor cooking and provide you with the best possible results every single time.

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