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What is the best BBQ smoker for a beginner?

Getting to the point 

If you are a beginner venturing into the market for a BBQ smoker for the first time, there are a few key requirements you should be looking for: 

  • It should be easy to assemble
  • Help should be readily available 
  • The temperature should be easy to regulate
  • The controls should be easy to use and understand
  • Materials for the smoker should be widely available
  • There shouldn't be a huge learning curve in getting to know your smoker
  • There shouldn't be a huge amount of experience required to use it

In short, you probably shouldn't even be considering a traditional BBQ smoker. Temperatures are harder to regulate, finding the right wood is a pain in the backside and a lot more skill is required to get the right result. 

The Buff BBQ solution: 

A pellet smoker. All the benefits of a traditional BBQ smoker, but much easier to operate and regulate the temperature. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, a pellet smoker won't let you down. We recommend trying something like the Pit Boss Class BBQ smoker - everything you'll need in an affordable and compact BBQ smoker. 

A Bit More detail


From cooking hot dogs on an open fire with the Scouts, to roasting marshmallows around the campfire with friends and family, our experiences with cooking outside start early – growing into more of a passion as we start to realise the beauty of cooking and eating al fresco.

Cooking outside is fast becoming a venture that is not restricted to the limited British summertime, as more and more brands define their BBQs and outdoor grills as year-round products. This is ideal not just for cooking burgers in the summer, but also for slow cooking roast dinners, pizzas and other bakes.

Something which is slowly becoming more popular, primarily thanks to influence from the American BBQ, is the idea of owning a BBQ smoker. These allow you to transform the open grill from a flash flame to something which can be controlled, monitored, and used infuse flavour as well as provide that infamous caramelised finish and chargrilled edge.

With that said, what is the best BBQ smoker for a beginner, and how difficult are they to use?

Exploring the benefits of a BBQ smoker

Ask any BBQ fan and they will likely tell you that the best thing about a BBQ smoked piece of meat is the enhanced flavour and how the chargrilled crust complements the rare and tender middle.

While many brands are constantly evolving to increase the power of smoke in their BBQ grills and outdoor cooking solutions, none have quite mastered the art of combining the function and advantages of both as much as the pellet smoker – available through both Pit Boss and Louisiana Grills.

When it comes to creating the perfect smoked piece of meat, finding ways to monitor the outer appearance and the inside temperature of the meat is something we have long been searching for. What if we told you that with a pellet smoker, you could not only monitor your cooking temperature but control it completely – and all without losing that natural and authentic smoked quality of a chargrilled BBQ?

Introducing the pellet smoker

A relatively new BBQ smoker to the UK market, the pellet smoker is one heralded by brands Pit Boss and Louisiana Grills as their bestselling concept. Taking the basic design function of a charcoal BBQ grill, they have placed it into a more complex structure to allow you to create a cooking plate which is either entirely reliant on the open flame, entirely reliant on the heat from the burning pellets being transported around the cooking cavity, or a combination of the two.

Louisiana Grills’ range is one of the most advanced on the market right now, with built in WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity allowing you to link their grill up with an app – monitoring and controlling the heat and cooking time of the grill from the comfort of your sofa. Not only does this make Louisiana Grills the ideal brand for the technology lover, but it also provides the perfect excuse to stay out of the rain while still enjoying an authentically grilled dinner when the weather turns bad.

Pit Boss, meanwhile, is all about stirring up your cooking style, providing up to 8 different methods of cooking any piece of meat; all self-contained within one BBQ smoker design. Designed with an easy to use digital control board and LED screen, everyone from beginners to seasoned grillers can benefit from the broad range of temperature controls, open flame and smoker options, and the large capacity of the Pit Boss BBQ smoker range – all at a price that is inviting, whatever your budget.

Both brands are designed so that the pellets sit beside the cooking cavity and are able to be dropped below the cooking shelf, or kept to one side using the simple design of an adjustable cooking plate, and an interior similar to a convection oven. Not only does this allow for multiple methods of cooking each piece of meat, but it also creates a cooking space which can be set to a certain temperature and left alone – letting you get on with entertaining guests or finishing off the side dishes.

Why pellet smokers are best for all levels of outdoor chef

All too often we see beginners shying away from open flame grilling and BBQ smokers, opting instead for the predictability and control of a gas BBQ. With pellets readily available and compatible with both the Pit Boss and Louisiana Grills smokers, the selection of 100% hardwood pellets are created to optimise and create flavour even in the blandest of meat products. These pellets draw on intense aromas which become infused into the meat through the low and slow cooking process atop the indirect heat sources. As well as technological extras, built-in features and smart sliding trays with adjustable cooking areas, the real beauty and value of a BBQ smoker lies in its pure simplicity.

Cook hearty, impressive food in the most authentic manner possible, creating incredible results every single time.




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