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What is the best gas BBQ?

Getting to the point 

So, you're considering buying a gas BBQ. You are probably looking for something that: 

  • You can fire up quickly 
  • You can easily regulate and maintain the temperature 
  • Is easy to use 
  • Has a range of easy-to-select temperatures 
  • Has a half decent warranty
  • Looks fancy (ish) 
  • Is within your price range
  • is good value for money

With all these in mind, the winner is: not a gas BBQ 

"What? Well what was the point of that?", I hear you ask. Hear me out.

You want a BBQ smoker, more specifically, a pellet smoker 

A pellet smoker ticks all the boxes for the criteria above and more. Additionally, a pellet smoker has 8-in-1 cooking capability so it can easily take on the role of your traditional BBQ but also do so much more, and in most cases, all for the same price. Not to mention there’s no need to keep filling up that gas canister, and that’s still forgetting the most important thing...

The mouth-watering flavour you'll only get from a BBQ smoker 

If I've managed to save you from wasting your hard-earned money, then let me do you another favour. Let me introduce you to the Pit Boss Austin XL, arguably the best value BBQ smoker on the market.

 I still want a gas BBQ

Well if that's the case, then we have something special for you. What about finding the best of both worlds with a gas and a BBQ smoker? Introducing the Pit Boss Navigator combo grill.

A bit more detail


The gas BBQ is a modern concept designed with convenience, ease of use, and reliable results in mind. By clicking a button and dialling a few knobs, you are provided with the satisfaction of a burning flame in about 5 seconds flat – something which, when using a charcoal grill or fire pit, could take up to an hour of gathering, lighting and fanning. Not only that, but you can be reassured of the temperature you are cooking at, and will end up with evenly cooked results which aren’t always coated with a burnt charcoal crust.

Cooking outside has long been something we associate with summer, and the gas BBQ does go a long way towards removing this stigma and turning BBQ time into a year-round venture. With the sleek design of modern gas BBQs and the reliance on gas for fuel, it means that you can happily burn away and cook your food to perfection whatever the weather is doing.

But can the perfect BBQ experience ever be truly replicated with a gas BBQ?

What is it that we love about a BBQ?

As well as being a wholly social experience, BBQs often mean we get to eat meat which has been chargrilled and flamed to perfection, infused with all the flavours and aromas of the burning wood fuel or charcoal.

As soon as you opt for a gas BBQ, you lose that BBQ smoked finish; something achieved only through the slow burning of hardwood, charcoal or wood pellets, as they release their flavour and let it settle into the meat inside the cooking cavity.

While a gas BBQ is easy to control and reliable when it comes to cooking meat thoroughly and to your required taste, the primary drawback to using gas is that you lose that all important flavour infusion – until now.

Combining convenience and control, with flavour and smoke

A relatively new entry on the BBQ smoker UK market, the pellet smoker is a concept derived from the best bits of all our favourite BBQ solutions; taking the convenience and complete control of a gas BBQ, and inputting it into a design which primarily utilises the smoky flavour boost of a hardwood pellet firepit – all encased in what we refer to as a BBQ pellet smoker.

With market entries from leading brands such as Pit Boss and Louisiana Grills, pellet smokers offer a solution which enhances all the best bits of the gas BBQ in particular, without the use of gas removing the intense smoky flavour. This is achieved through the controlled burning of the pellets beneath an adjustable sliding cooking plate, allowing the meat to be either exposed to the direct flame for more of a chargrilled finish, or else contained atop the closed vents; instead relying on the smoke and convection heat transfer into the cooking chamber. Once lit, you can simply choose to set the temperature and walk away, or remain involved in the process; flipping and flame searing your meat to the desired finish.

 Why a pellet smoker is so much better than a gas grill

While the pellet smoker no doubt takes on the best bits of a gas grill without causing a lack of flavour, buyers may be wondering if there are any other reasons why they should opt for a pellet smoker rather then the convenience of a gas grill. After all, gas grills are super easy to use and make little to no mess – an advantage that many of us will agree is a big one amid all the demands of daily life.

In terms of other benefits of the pellet smoker, lets first take a closer look at the cooking methods available – particularly on the Pit Boss range of BBQ smokers and grills. Designed with a large cooking capacity aside the fuel box, the Pit Boss range gives the user control over both direct and indirect grilling – amounting to 8 different cooking possibilities all built into the one model. This is one of our favourite things about the Pit Boss range, as it makes not just your summer BBQ possible, but also your midweek pizza bakes and your Sunday roasts. With 8-in-1 cooking versatility, you will find that the Pit Boss pellet smoker range is one designed for year-round use, benefiting from a reinforced design which retains heat whatever the weather, and commands the most even and controlled cook – using the completely authentic flavour of the hardwood pellets.

The Louisiana Grills range of pellet smokers work in much the same way, though boasting their own innovative extra, such as a unique WiFi connection which allows the grill to be completely controlled through your smartphone.

Other benefits of the pellet smoker over a traditional gas smoker include the following:

  • Pellet smokers allow the grill to reach extremely high temperatures, with most of the models available at Buff BBQ able to reach up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Gas grills, meanwhile, can not reach anywhere near these heights, rendering them less effective when it comes to providing that chargrilled flavour on the outside of a piece of meat
  • Pellet smokers are far more portable than gas BBQs, particularly the Tailback model offered by Pit Boss, which can be folded up and taken on days out to provide delicious smoky meals on the go
  • Pellet smokers are designed for convenience, with specific ranges such as the Navigator Combo from Pit Boss giving the user a dual-purpose grill top, featuring both a pellet fuelled grill and a gas grill
  • Pellet smokers fulfil all the best bits of BBQ smokers, in one self-contained model which can be used to achieve all manner of finishes and flavours
  • If you choose to buy your pellet smoker or BBQ smoker from Buff BBQ, you will receive a 5-year warranty on your grill – providing you with the peace of mind that should something go wrong, we are here to help




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