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What is the best pellet smoker grill for a beginner?

Getting to the point  

The factors that will make a pellet smoker great for a beginner are: 

  • Ease of setup
  • Easy temperature control 
  • Its evolvability  
  • How many types of cooking styles can it perform 
  • Its value for money

With all these factors considered, the best pellet smoker for a beginner is: 

The Pit Boss series of BBQ smokers are currently the only range of pellet smokes to tick all the boxes. Although they lack a WiFi feature, they have a fantastic build quality, an industry-leading warranty and unbeatable value for money. Other pellet smokers, like Traeger and Webber, offer WiFi functionality, but in most cases come at almost double the price. We can't justify paying so much more just for WiFi when you can buy WiFi enabled meat probes for less than £100.

The full range of Pit Boss BBQ smokers is available at Buff BBQ.


A bit more information

When it comes to outdoor cooking and manning the BBQ, many of us regard ourselves as top of the range masters of the meat; steeped in former glory from the BBQ we put on a few years back and still riding on the success of a steak cooked to perfection long ago.

But when Pit Boss and Louisiana Grills introduced their range of BBQ smokers to the UK market, the game was changed forever – bringing forward a new kind of outdoor cooking, solely reliant on the controlled burning of pellets to achieve a process made with the very best of both worlds; smoked perfection, and top level direct flame grilling.

And that’s not all. With Pit Boss now offering a range of pellet grills featuring up to 8 different cooking methods in 1, the possibilities for outdoor cooking are endless – whether you’re new to the game or not.

What we love about pellet grills

The long and short of it is that pellet smokers and grills are designed to give you the freedom to sear your meat as you would on an open flame BBQ, while also providing a controlled environment that can be left alone when necessary, like if a side dish emergency arose or you needed to top up your drink.

The truth of modern hosting is that the job is no longer to man the BBQ constantly, but to keep chatting and attending to guests. This is a notion supported by the BBQ smoker, which gives you the chance to do both. The Louisiana Grill range in particular supports a “set it and forget it” approach with their innovative use of WiFi technology; allowing you to set the grill to your desired temperature and then leave it. You can make the necessary adjustments and check up on the status of the cooking process using an app which is connected to the grill via WiFi or Bluetooth.

The benefits of using a pellet smoker in the current BBQ smoker UK market are simple but revolutionary:

  • With the pellet smoker, particularly those offered by Pit Boss, you benefit from 8 different cooking methods in 1 sleek design
  • Many of the models offered by Pit Boss are portable to provide excellent smoked food on the go
  • Both the ranges offered by Pit Boss and Louisiana Grills combine the control of a modern gas BBQ, with the intense flavour and taste experience that we look for in an authentic grill. This is based on the use of hardwood pellets in a setting regulated by the transferable heat of the modern design. The pellets are burned in the traditional sense, but are controlled by the sliding cooking plate and external digital settings used to alter the cooking conditions. This means that you can cover the burning pellets to rely on heat transfer and the smoke for cooking, or else expose the flame and allow the meat to be chargrilled from below.
  • The modern and stylish design of the pellet smoker makes it a popular addition to any home

What do I need to look for as a beginner to the pellet smoker market?

The first thing to note as a beginner to the BBQ smoker market is that all products sold by Buff BBQ are created so that anyone can use them effectively without trouble.

The one area we recommend you research thoroughly is the specific features you want from your grill and BBQ smoker, as this, more than anything, should influence which model you end up deciding on.

For example, if you are looking for a bigger capacity in order to cater to large numbers, Pit Boss offers a wide range of sizes in all their models. Their smokers offer removable shelves and adjustable grills to help separate cooked meat from raw meat and optimise your grill space. Similarly, if you need a BBQ smoker which can cater to both vegetarians and meat eaters, you will also want plenty of space in order to keep the different dishes separate.

Another recommendation for those new to the BBQ smoker UK market is to look for a model which offers a warranty and top level customer service. At Buff BBQ, we offer an industry-leading 5-year warranty that ensures that you can receive your BBQ grill safe in the knowledge that if anything goes wrong, you’ll be fully supported in putting it right.

Then there’s the level of understanding about pellet smokers and what else you need – something which not every beginner will be accustomed to. Our range of Pit Boss and Louisiana Grills pellet smokers are designed to be used with the complementary range of 100% natural hardwood pellets which feed into the grill via a storage box and feeder tube; stoking the fire and providing an easy to refill source of fuel which can last as long as you need it to. These pellets are what give your BBQ meat that real source of intense flavour, with a variety of different aromas available should you wish to try something a little different.

 As a beginner to the pellet smoker market, the most important thing you need to know is that using a pellet smoker is one of the easiest and most effective ways of achieving perfectly cooked, authentically smoked meat. With so many additional features included to elevate the user experience to a new level, Pit Boss and Louisiana Grills have got it right. Have a look at their smokers on Buff BBQ and find your perfect smoker grill today.


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