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What is the best way to barbecue?

Getting to the point 

Smoking is, hands down, the best way to BBQ. Cooking low and slow allows you to keep all the flavour in the meat. Smoked meat is also extremely tender and a lot juicer. There is truly no comparison.  

This brings us onto the next step. What's the best method of smoking? Simply put, real wood is the best way of maximising the flavour in your meat. That leaves you with 2 options: a traditional BBQ smoker or a pellet BBQ smoker. To get the best results we recommend a pellet BBQ smoker, as maintaining temperature control is a lot easier on a pellet BBQ smoker. This will ensure the highest quality cook.

Pellet BBQ smokers also come with the benefit of far superior control. Many can now be controlled with WiFi and Bluetooth. The ones that don’t have WiFi control have a super easy to use knob or digital control. With a pellet BBQ smoker, you can simply set it and forget it, making it easy to achieve that mouth-watering flavour.

With the range of Pit Boss and Louisiana Grills pellet BBQ smokers, you have the 8-in-1 cooking versatility, giving you more cooking options than you can throw a stick at. 

If your ambition is to achieve the best quality BBQ at the best value for money, then Pit Boss and Louisiana Grills are for you.

For the full range of Pit Boss and Louisiana Grills, check out Buff BBQ.


 A bit more information 

When it comes to cooking outside on the BBQ, one could be forgiven for thinking that all there is to it is the lighting of the fuel source, the heating of the grill stand, and the subsequent cooking of the meat. And really, when you break the process of barbecuing down to the bare minimum, that’s all the actual grilling process really involves. Where it can differ is in the location and type of fuel source, the intensity of the heating, and the method of cooking (and, of course, the weather required in order for the grill to actually work!).

From flame grilling to roasting, there are many different ways to barbecue and plenty of different finishes possible; many of which can be achieved on one central device, such as the pellet smoker. Designed to provide up to 8 different cooking methods, the pellet smokers crafted by Pit Boss and Louisiana Grills embody the best parts of a range of different grills and cooking styles and combine them into one industry-leading product on the BBQ smoker UK market.

But before we get into the different products available on the market, let’s first explore the different ways of using a barbecue – and how the invention of the BBQ smoker takes them all and turns them into something even better.

Different ways to barbecue

First and foremost is the standard means of barbecuing that most of us are used to; utilising wood or charcoal as a fuel source, and is lit underneath the cooking grill where the meat is placed. The meat is then cooked, requiring consistent attention as the direct flames cook the outside of the meat quickly while leaving the inside rare. For an even cook, you will need to continually monitor and flip the meat to achieve the best possible finish. This method of barbecuing is as close to authentic BBQ smoker styled meat that you can get with a standard BBQ grill, and while not as easy to control, leads to well-cooked and relatively well-flavoured meat with a nice chargrilled exterior.

Then we have the gas BBQ – taking away all the authenticity of a BBQ smoker and replacing it with the ease and complete control of a modern grill. Gas BBQ grills are completely controlled by the device’s connection to a gas source, which can be lit instantly and provides a well-controlled environment to cook your meat in. Gas grills are great if you want to ensure an even cook with minimal effort, though you do not get the same level of flavour or smoky aroma from a gas cooked piece of meat – purely because you have removed the source of smoke flavour from the outset.

And finally, we come to the pellet smoker. The current leader in the BBQ smoker UK market, pellet smokers are providing outdoor chefs everywhere with access to a user friendly device which champions authentic smoked flavour, the distinct aroma of a wood fuelled fire pit, and the tender juices of an evenly cooked piece of meat. Smoking meat means to cook it through the transference of heat and smoke, though both Pit Boss and Louisiana Grills pellet smokers take this one step further by providing the user with 8-in-1 cooking versatility. They utilise the authentic hardwood pellet fuel to light the fire pit sitting below the grill, and include a sliding plate which allows the meat to be seared directly on the flame or smoked using the low and slow method through heat transfer.

Of course there are many benefits to this, not least that any individual can have their meat cooked according to their preferences, but also the pellet smoker becomes an all-year-round BBQ smoker which can be used for anything from a grilled burger to a fully roasted chicken. And that’s not all for the BBQ smoker. Other advantages of pellet smokers when compared with other methods of barbecuing include the ease of use and the advances that designers have made to encompass the best bits of the gas grill – without actually having to remove the authentic wood smoked quality. This move towards the inclusion of more technology has been especially heralded by Louisiana Grills, who have created a built-in WiFi connection to their pellet smoker grills, giving you complete control of your cooking directly from your smartphone. This is ideal for cooking outside on a rainy day, or for when you are hosting and don’t want to have to remain attached to the BBQ itself.

Why smoking is the best way to BBQ

It is clear to see that smoking is the undisputed leader of the BBQ; creating mouth-watering results that are now readily available across the BBQ smoker UK market, thanks to brands like Pit Boss and Louisiana Grills, which are affordable and straightforward to use.

For those still unsure, one of the great things about pellet smokers is that they provide excellent value – and if you aren’t yet an expert at fully smoking a piece of meat, the 8-in-1 design is such that you can experiment and use your pellet smoker as a standard grill by giving the meat access to the direct flame. All grills at Buff BBQ benefit from a 5-year warranty, giving you peace of mind in your purchase. We recommend that all buyers explore the range of 100% natural hardwood pellets stocked which compliment their range of BBQs – from the largest multi-layer grills right through to the smaller and more portable grills.

Ask any authentic BBQ lover the question and no doubt, that the answer they will give you is that smoking is unequivocally the very best way to barbecue.




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