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What’s best for BBQ, charcoal pits or gas grills?

Getting to the point

The only reason you'd choose a gas grill over charcoal is for convenience, as they're easier to use and easier to clean. For that, however, you sacrifice the flavour and chargrilled texture that the charcoal pit offers. Not to mention the pure satisfaction your inner caveman gets when you start a fire with nothing but a match, some paper and charcoal. 

If you're looking for something that's the best of both worlds, then we suggest a pellet smoker. A pellet smoker gives you all the flavour of a charcoal BBQ smoker with the ease of use of a gas BBQ. 

The pellet smokers from Pit Boss and Louisiana Grills have 8-in-1 cooking versatility, giving you the ability to smoke, bake, braise, roast, grill, barbecue, chargrill, and sear - all in one. Both Pit Boss and Louisiana Grills come with an industry-leading 5-year warranty and unbeatable value for money.

Buff BBQ stocks the full range of Pit Boss and Louisiana Grills BBQ smokers.


A little more information

When asked why they like to cook outdoors, many BBQ fanatics reference not only the elevated taste and finish of their meat, but also the experience and fun of cooking out in nature – a concept which takes us back generations, to when catching, cooking and eating food was our most natural instinct.

Of course, the modern market is now full of vegetarian, vegan and other dietary-friendly alternatives as retailers shift their stock to accommodate our ever-changing preferences. Yet it seems clear that the overall concept of cooking outdoors as an interactive experience has not been lost. 

Consider the last time you had a BBQ – the likelihood is it was a social affair, with the UK market filled with BBQ smokers and various grills which can accommodate multiple items at one time, fulfil different requirements, and cook in different ways.

Selecting the best BBQ pairing

When it comes to barbecuing, the primary pairing is between chef and cooking implement – and that means finding the best grill for you to control. From BBQ smokers to charcoal pits, gas grills and even small disposable BBQs, the market is filled with endless options and an overwhelming choice. Do you opt for the smoked authenticity of a charcoal pit; designed to replicate the American BBQ experience that we see in movies? Or do you instead lean towards the gas grill, monitored entirely using dials to determine the exact temperature and provide complete control over the cooking environment?

Well, thanks to Buff BBQ, you no longer have to make that choice.

Armed with 2 individual and independently fuelled cooking grills, the Pit Boss Navigator Combo combines the ease and control of a traditional gas grill with the authentic flavouring and experience of the industry-leading pellet smoker: creating the ultimate BBQ buddy for the outdoor chef.

Exploring the Navigator Combo

When the Pit Boss range of pellet smokers first hit the BBQ smoker UK market, it seemed like the answer to all our smoky grilling needs. Utilising the simple concept of a sliding flame grill, the fire pit is fuelled by 100% natural hardwood pellets can expose the direct flame heat, allowing meat to be seared atop the open flame, or instead in the cooking chamber through the transference of heat via the convection design inside the cavity.

Boasting an impressive 8 cooking methods in the one design, the pellet smoker from the Pit Boss range offers market-leading results without losing any of the control, with the digital control board giving the user complete flexibility when it comes to the time spent hovering over their grill – from the attentive burger flipper, to the set it and forget it style of BBQ chef.

Pit Boss is not the only top dog on the pellet smoker market – with Louisiana Grills offering a similar series of pellet smokers that have their own unique twist. The primary standout feature of the Louisiana Grills pellet smokers is the innovative user experience, with a handy WiFi connection built into the grill to enable you to link your BBQ to your smartphone, and control the heat and cook time all within one app. Not only is this a super cool technology feature for any BBQ fan, but it also makes cooking all year round a far easier process. 

Back to the Navigator Combo, where the design doesn’t end with the pellet smoker and cooking cavity. With the Navigator Combo, 2 grills are always better than 1 – with an entirely independent secondary grill built right next to the pellet smoker grill, controlled by the traditional gas method offering a safe and effective means of cooking your meat right through.

The smoke control adjustment lever sitting between the 2 sides provides access to the smoky infusion for both sides, meaning that even when using the gas side, you still don’t lose that intense flavour and aroma across the meat. The additional gas burner to the side of the main cooking cavity allows you to provide a final flash fry to anything removed from the gas cavity – warming it back up after its time infusing the smoke, and providing that extra juicy coating which turns a regular BBQ steak into a mouth-watering treat.

Why the Navigator Combo is the ideal choice for any outdoor chef

The fact is, buying either a charcoal pit or a gas grill can provide you with great results – however, what you will not get from either of those choices is the versatility offered with the Navigator Combo.

The best thing about the Navigator Combo is that the fusion of 2 very different styles of cooking does not take away from the benefits of either, with the design of the Pit Boss model enabling you to utilise the benefits of both to create the ultimate BBQ.

One of the primary drawbacks of a gas grill is that the cooking method removes most of the authentic BBQ look and flame grilled flavour of the meat – but with the Navigator Combo giving the gas grill equal access to the smoke from the wood pellets, the BBQ smoker market finally has an all-in-one solution for gas grilled smoky perfection.

Other benefits of the Navigator Combo pellet smoker include:

  • Year round usage, thanks to the optimum design which retains heat and smoke whatever the weather, and provides the perfect finish to your roasted meat, chargrilled burgers, or baked pizza.
  • 5-year warranty when purchased from Buff BBQ
  • A sleek design with reinforced legs, removable shelves, and built-in tool hooks for ease of use
  • The easy to use digital control board which allows you to set the cooking or smoking temperature and then leave it, safe in the knowledge that your meat will come out perfectly – with or without your interference
  • The best BBQ results, controlled completely by you






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