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Which is better, a pellet grill or a gas grill?

Getting to the point

Hands down, a pellet BBQ smoker wins every time. The wood flavour and the cooking versatility just gives them an unbeatable advantage over a gas grill. 

A majority of the established pellet grills come with the ability to cook in a number of different ways, which makes them far more attractive than the one-trick-pony approach of the traditional gas BBQ.

Pit Boss and Louisiana Grills both come with amazing 8-in-1 cooking versatility, meaning not only are they suitable for all-year-round cooking, but are also fantastic at cooking a huge range of foods. From baking to barbecuing, Pit Boss and Louisiana Grills have got you covered.  

Buff BBQ stocks the full range of both Pit Boss and Louisiana Grills. If you need any further information, feel free to call us on 0333 050 8938.


A little more information

When you picture the perfect BBQ in your head, what does it look like? Consider for a moment the setting and the company, the weather and the feast in front of you. Now, think about the perfect piece of meat – tender on the inside, with a chargrilled, caramelised exterior. And the chef – are they frantically obsessing over the grill the entire time, or relaxed and enjoying their role as host as they casually check the progress of a grill that they are in complete control of?

Luckily, both a gas grill and pellet grill are designed around that final image – but that is where the similarities end. Of course, that’s not to say they don’t both look similar, with both the pellet grill and gas grill providing a stylish outdoor cooking machine which is easy to use and control. But when it comes to the quality of the meat’s finish and the fuel on which it is cooked, gas grills and pellet smokers are worlds apart.


The fuel source

The primary difference between a pellet smoker and gas grill lies in the fuel source. For a pellet smoker, this is a 100% hardwood pellet, and for a gas grill it is, you guessed it, gas. What this means is that the way the meat is cooked sits at opposite ends of the spectrum, because while gas is odourless and literally grills the meat with what flavour the meat already contains, pellets are designed to infuse an authentic wood smoked aroma and flavour into the meat, cooking it more slowly in a rich and intensely smoky environment.

If you were asked to choose which fuel source is better based on ease, then you may lean towards gas due to the fact you can buy it pretty much anywhere. Aside from this, the clear winner is the pellet smoker, particularly for those interested in the BBQ smoker UK market which promises all the ease of cooking without losing any flavour. 


The quality of the cooking experience

Fuel really is just the start of the comparison between gas and pellet grills, as we move on to look at the user experience and overall effectiveness of BBQ smokers and gas-fed grills. The main advantage to using a gas grill is that the cooking experience is quick and easy, with the grill able to reach extremely high temperatures that are controlled completely by the user. That said, it is worth noting that gas grills actually struggle to maintain high temperatures for a prolonged period of time due to the ventilation requirements when cooking with gas. This means that while your meat will benefit from a flash of intense heat to sear the outsides and create those coveted grill marks, overall, the gas grill is not able to replicate the intense heat environment of a pellet BBQ smoker.

Where the pellet smoker rises above and beyond the gas grill is in the way it has taken the concept of complete user control and run with it – with popular BBQ smoker UK market brands Pit Boss and Louisiana Grills both factoring digital control into their smokers through exterior dials and buttons. This is particularly prominent when you choose to completely smoke the meat through, championing the “set it and forget it” mantra, whereby you simply set the pellet smoker at a low temperature and leave it to infuse the meat slowly and thoroughly through heat and smoke transference. Louisiana Grills has taken the user experience even further by encompassing a built-in WiFi connection between their pellet smokers and modern smartphones, with an app which can be downloaded for complete control of the grill from afar.

Then, we have the actual finished product. Cooking the meat easily and quickly is no doubt a priority for some, and these people will often opt for the ease of the gas grill. However, if you are looking for a user-friendly experience built around authentic BBQ flavour and a high-quality finish, the pellet smoker is the grill type for you.


Combining the two to create the ultimate BBQ tool

One of the best things about investing in a pellet smoker is that when you purchase a BBQ smoker grill from Pit Boss or Louisiana Grills, you aren’t just getting a smoker. Boasting an incredible 8-in-1 functionality which allows the user to not only smoke but also chargrill, roast, bake and even sear, the pellet smoker is designed to do everything that a gas grill can do – all contained within one easy to use device.

This is all because of the innovatively created interior cooking cavity which is linked to the fuel box via a small funnel. While a gas grill is fuelled by a gas canister that can be quickly linked up to the grill and easily replaced, the pellet smoker is fed by small hardwood pellets which can be topped up as you go via the fuel box on the side of the grill. This slowly feeds the fire box which sits below the grill itself in the main cooking cavity, and can be exposed to cook the meat over the direct flame, or else concealed below the cooking tray to cook the meat using the low and slow smoking process.

In short, when comparing the pellet smoker with the gas grill, there isn’t much comparison to make when it comes to flavour and taste. The pellet smoker combines all the benefits and advantages of the gas grill itself, with the authenticity of a wood fired BBQ grill to create the highest quality user experience and flavour of meat. For those still unsure of which type of grill they need, Pit Boss have also launched a range of combo grills, boasting 3 main cooking cavities – one for charcoal grilling, one as a gas grill, and one as a BBQ smoker – so that you don’t have to choose. You can find all of these pellet smoker options at Buff BBQ: the go-to for all your pellet smoker, combo smoker, and high-end grilling needs.



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