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What is a BBQ smoker?

A BBQ smoker allows you to cook your meat low and slow. Traditionally powered by coal and wood logs, one of the many benefits of a BBQ smoker is that it keeps all the natural flavour of the meat whilst adding additional flavour using the wood pellets and charcoal. Meat cooked low and slow on a BBQ smoker is usually extremely tender and juicy. BBQ has become the national food of the USA, and BBQ smokers are steadily becoming a staple item in people’s households. Once you’ve tasted meat cooked on a BBQ smoker, the likelihood is you’ll never want to use a traditional BBQ drum ever again.

How does a BBQ smoker work?

The idea is that you’re cooking low and slow, usually anywhere between 220 and 250 degrees Fahrenheit - less than half the temperature of a traditional BBQ or oven. Although this lengthens the time of the cook considerably, the results are far superior and the flavour in the meat is absolutely mind-blowing. Using a BBQ smoker with the low and slow technique also keeps the meat as juicy as possible; you’ll often see videos of people pressing the meat and showing the juices pouring out, even though the meat has been on the BBQ smoker for over 18 hours.

Can I BBQ normally with a BBQ smoker?

With a traditional smoker, you don’t have the ability to use it as a normal BBQ. But, with a pellet smoker, you absolutely can. Depending on the pellet smoker you purchase, the versatility in cooking methods will put your traditional BBQ grill to shame. Pit Boss and Louisiana Grills both have a range of BBQ smokers that allow for 8-in-1 cooking versatility, so you can smoke, bake, braise, roast, grill, barbecue, chargrill, and sear - all in one. With internal temperatures reaching up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit and an open flame for searing meat at 1000 degrees Fahrenheit, there's absolutely nothing your traditional BBQ can do that your BBQ smoker can’t. But there is a hell of a lot your BBQ smoker can do that your traditional grill can only dream of.

Is a BBQ smoker right for me?

A traditional BBQ smoker is not for everyone, but a pellet smoker certainly is. Your traditional smoker requires experience, time and a lot of manual labour to get the right cook. Many people who buy traditional smokers only use them a few times before they end up being ignored and left to rust in the back of a garage. The amount of commitment you need every time you want to BBQ is so immense that the thought of it can put you off before you even get started. Pellet smokers, however, are a completely different story. Easy to use, cost-effective, amazing results, as well as the set it and forget it mentality; there are virtually no downsides to a pellet smoker. So, if you’re considering purchasing a new BBQ, we wholeheartedly recommend upgrading to a BBQ smoker and, more specifically, a pellet smoker. With so many cooking options and that unbeatable flavour, you’d be crazy not to consider it.

I’m still not sure

Completely understandable. Its your hard-earned money and you want to make sure you’re not wasting it on an expensive BBQ shaped ornament for the garden. Here at Buff BBQ, we want to make sure you buy the right BBQ smoker for you (regardless of whether you choose to buy from us or not). Feel free to call us anytime on 0333 050 8938 for some honest, impartial advice.

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