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What is a charcoal BBQ smoker

A charcoal BBQ smoker is known more commonly as a traditional BBQ smoker. The amazing flavour and tenderness develops within the meat by placing coals and wood in the BBQ smoker. The charcoal BBQ smoker is by far the simplest form of BBQ smoker and, in most cases, the most affordable. Charcoal smokers come in a few common forms: the barrel BBQ smoker, the offset smoker, the vertical smoker and the standard BBQ grill.

The benefits of a charcoal BBQ smoker

The main benefit of a charcoal BBQ smoker is the flavour it can produce. People have historically always opted for charcoal smoker because of the deep chargrilled taste they can produce. Apart from pellet smokers, the taste of a charcoal smoker is virtually impossible to replicate, especially with gas BBQs. The other major benefit of a charcoal BBQ smoker is its simplicity, which in turn leads to it being more affordable. With the lack of internal mechanisms, there's also far less to go wrong, so in some ways can be deemed as more reliable. These factors also mean that the maintenance on a BBQ smoker is far cheaper.  

How much is a charcoal BBQ smoker and is it worth the money?

Charcoal BBQs are normally the most cost effective range of BBQ smokers on the market. However, the cheap and cheerful ones are normally far more effective as a paperweight rather than as a BBQ smoker. The range of BBQ charcoal smokers is a little more expensive, but is worth the money, both in quality and resale value. If you feel a charcoal BBQ smoker is still for you, you should opt for one with a very study steel structure or a porcelain finish. Both will hold heat extremely well, as well as having good value.

A charcoal BBQ Smoker vs other BBQ smokers

A charcoal BBQ smoker compares very well when pitted against a gas BBQ, the flavour you can achieve from the cooks will make it worth having. However, a charcoal smoker doesn’t fair very well when compared to a pellet smoker. A pellet smoker is considerably easier to control and maintain heat with. Their ease of use and increased functionality have seen their popularity massively increase over the years, where the manual element of the traditional BBQ smoker have seen them decrease in sales over the years.

I want some more information on a vertical smoker.

Charcoal BBQ smokers are the oldest BBQ smokers in the marketplace. Although there’s huge amounts of information to be found about them online, you may still have a lot of questions and we’re here to help. Whether you purchase your new BBQ from us or not, making sure you end up with what right for you is our first priority. So, if you want to discuss anything BBQ related, feel free to call us on 0333 050 8938.

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