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Combo BBQ Smokers

More about combo BBQ smokers 

What is a combo BBQ smoker?

A combo BBQ smoker is the ultimate solution for those wanting to venture into the world of BBQ smokers but aren't yet ready to leave the world of traditional gas BBQs. Pit Boss has 2 models of combo BBQ smokers which have the ability to be both a gas BBQ and smoker, giving you the very best of both worlds. If you like the idea of quickly firing up the BBQ and whilst also having the ability to perfect that low and slow cook, then a combo BBQ smoker is the perfect solution for you. With huge amounts of cooking space, a combo BBQ smoker is perfect for those larger parties or for cooking foods in multiple different ways at the same time.

The benefits of a combo BBQ smoker

Combo BBQ smokers come with virtually no downsides. You are able to grill on an open flame as well as perfect that low and slow cook. With almost 2,000 square inches of cooking space, you’ll have the ability to feed a small army, so the amount of food you can cook at once will never be a concern. Some combo BBQ smokers include the best of all 3 worlds: a charcoal grill, a gas grill and a BBQ smoker. If there had to be a downside to a combo smoker, it would be that the space for each individual cooking method is smaller than if you you were to purchase an individual grill.

How much is a combo smoker and is it worth the money?

Surprisingly, a combo BBQ smoker isn’t any more expensive than a larger traditional BBQ or BBQ smoker. With prices starting from around the £900 marker, you would be crazy to purchase a standard BBQ for the same money. With the range of Pit Boss combo BBQs, you’ll get a 5-year warranty as standard. If you’re looking for a new BBQ, then investing in a combo BBQ smoker is a very sound investment and one we're sure you won’t regret.

A combo BBQ Smoker vs a traditional BBQ smoker

Comparing these two is very much like bringing a knife to a gunfight. A traditional BBQ smoker is extremely one dimensional, is typically very hard to control and requires and a lot of man-hours and investment. A combo BBQ smoker gives you more cooking versatility then you should ever need whilst combining everything you love about gas, charcoal and smoker BBQs. Its huge cooking space combined with the fact that it's extremely easy to use makes a combo BBQ worth having over a traditional BBQ smoker any day, as long as it within your price range.

I want some more information on a vertical smoker

Combo BBQ smokers are actually fairly new to the BBQ smoker marketplace, mainly for the reason that many didn’t have the foresight to imagine that people would want the best of all worlds. Luckily, Pit Boss is an extremely forward thinking brand that isn’t afraid to take risks when it comes to product development, and often develops BBQs that people want, rather than those that are most profitable. Nevertheless, you may still have a lot of questions and we’re here to help. Whether you purchase your new BBQ from us or not, making sure you end up with what right for you is our first priority. So, if you want to discuss anything BBQ related, feel free to call us on 0333 050 8938.

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