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More About Louisiana Grills


The history

Louisiana Grills is a brand within the Dansons family, which was founded in 1999 by Dan Thiessen and his sons, Jeff and Jordan. Louisiana Grills offers a range of BBQ smokers known mainly for their technology, ingenuity, build quality and value. Prior to 2020, Louisiana Grills had been put on the back burner, only really selling its 900 series - a BBQ smoker that is tough and well-built, but somewhat basic and lacking in innovative and exciting features.


What's new?

Fast forward to the modern-day and Louisiana Grills have now released the Louisiana Grills Founders Premier and Legacy series; game-changers in the BBQ smoker world. Within the Founders Premier series are the Louisiana Grills Founders Premier 800 and the Louisiana Grills Founders Premier 1200. Both are amazing BBQ smokers with WiFi and Bluetooth control, allowing you to control the grill remotely from wherever you are. Built as a tribute to Dan Thiessen, these BBQ smokers are created using only the finest materials and with so many features that other manufacturers class as additional extras, when it comes to quality and value for money, Louisiana Grills puts the rest to shame.


8-in-one cooking versatility

With their versatile 8-in-1 cooking technology, there really is nothing these grills can’t do.  Whether you’re smoking, baking, braising, roasting, grilling, barbecuing, chargrilling, or searing, the new Louisiana Grill series has got you covered. With their remote control systems, you maintain full control over your grill at all times, giving you the perfect end result, every time. If you’re looking for a BBQ smoker that’s truly unique, then the new Louisiana Grills Founders Legacy series is exactly what you need. Currently shipping in 2 models, the Louisiana Grills Founders Legacy 800 and the Louisiana Grills Founders Legacy 1200. With their innovative burn system with maximised airflow, smart touch control board and inbuilt griddle for additional cooking methods, the Founders Legacy series is the master of BBQ smokers.


Are they worth the money?

With all the exciting extras, it could be easy to forget that at the heart of these machines is a competition-level product, designed purely to deliver unparalleled quality cooks with ease. Although at the more premium end of the market, these BBQ smokers are worth every penny. Results from any Louisiana Grills BBQ smoker are exceptional and something you will be proud to share with your friends and family. There is virtually no comparison when it comes to these grills. The quality build of these BBQ smokers combined with the features they come with, the number of cooking methods and their competitive pricing, the Louisiana Grills range is miles above the rest.


Can I get some advice?

Absolutely. Here at Buff BBQ, we want to make sure you buy the right BBQ smoker for you (regardless of whether you choose to buy from us or not). Feel free to call us anytime on 0333 050 8938 for some honest, impartial advice.


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