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What is a vertical smoker?

A vertical smoker gets its name as it places the meat vertically, directly above the smoke. Knowing that heat rises, the concept of a vertical smoker is the smoke will have to pass through all of the meat as it is placed directly above. Some say that the taste from a vertical smoker is superior. Due to its compact nature, the vertical smoker forces the smoke directly through the meat in order for it to escape from the top.

The benefits of a vertical smoker

The main benefit of a vertical smoker is that it has all the cooking space of a much larger smoker in a far more compact unit. A vertical smoker can have space for 4 to 5 racks of food, meaning some vertical smokers can have up to 1,900 square inches of cooking space. Even the larger pellet and traditional BBQ smokers don't typically reach that size. Another major benefit of a vertical smoker is that due to its more compact size, it tends to get up to temperature a lot quicker. This makes it fantastic for simply setting and forgetting and allowing you to smoke huge amounts of food, with minimal effort.

What types of vertical smokers are there?

Vertical smokers mainly come in two forms, electric and pellet. Both are fantastic and come with their own benefits. Electric vertical smokers are the most cost-effective and are also very easy to use and maintain. Simply turn the smoker on, set the temperature and you’re good to go. A pellet vertical smoker however has the additional benefits of all the flavour from the wood pellets. Also very easy to use just with the addition of having to fill the pellet hopper and maintain it throughout the cook. With the larger vertical smokers, the hopper size will be large enough to fill up for a cook which will last up to 18 hours, which is plenty for those super long, low, and slow cooks.

How much is a vertical smoker and is it worth the money?

Vertical smoker prices start from around £350 and make their way up to the £1,000 marker. You’ll notice that you won’t see many vertical smokers on second-hand markets. This is mainly because their convenience and compact nature makes them suitable for virtually all households and tend to be a long term purchase. The vertical smokes form Pit Boss and Louisiana Grills both come with an industry-leading 5-year warranty. Their long warranty along with how easy they are to use ensures you’ll be using them as often as possible posing our test for whether or not they are worth their price tag.

A vertical smoker vs a traditional BBQ smoker

Vertical smokers have a number of huge advantages over traditional BBQ smokers. Their main advantage is that they are so compact with sacrificing cooking space. Their pellet and electric functionality also give them the advantage of easily maintaining heat and being extremely easy to use. If you want to match the flavour of a traditional BBQ smoker, then we recommend a pellet vertical smoker. The wood pellets will create the same mouth-watering flavour as a traditional BBQ smoker. If, however, you want to explore the electric vertical smoker route, you will be able to add a smoker expanding tube, which you will be able to insert into your smoker which will give you meat all that sought after wood flavour.

I want some more information on a vertical smoker

Although vertical smokers have been around for decades, there is still some confusion about their place in the BBQ smoker marketplace. At Buff BBQ, above everything else, we want to make sure you purchase the right BBQ smoker for you, even if you don’t end up buying from us. We’re always available for an impartial chat, so if you have any questions, queries or just need a bit of advice, feel free to call us on 0333 050 8938.

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