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Delivery information:

With operational footprints in most of mainland UK, Buff BBQ delivers to its destinations within England, Scotland and Wales. This also includes deliveries to the Channel Islands, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man, Isle of Wight, BFPO (British Forces Post Office) addresses, Orkney, Shetland, and Scottish Isles. However, there may be extra charges along with the extended duration for deliveries to destinations located in Scotland.

Buff BBQ/The Pit does not bear any responsibility for any extra delivery charges if incurred because we are legally bound to comply with the conditions of the external delivery contractor. By accepting the Terms and Conditions of Buff BBQ/The Pit, you are legally bound to agree and accept any additional charges that are put in place for your postcode area. This should also imply that you agree with not only Buff BBQ/The Pit but also with our contracting partners for delivery. Any information about our external contractors should be sought on their respective sites.

Any the duration (time and date) mentioned on our website for delivery should only be perceived as estimates and do not necessarily reflect the actual period. Any orders placed on weekends (Saturdays, Sundays) and/or public holidays and received after 3pm should be expected to be processed on the next working day. The Sunday deliveries of products weighing less than 30kg are closed after 1pm.

No delivery should be expected on public holidays. The orders placed on public holidays are scheduled to be processed on the next working day. NOTE: We have 5 working days; Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.

By using the website, you confirm that Buff BBQ/The Pit does not share any responsibility for the delivery duration by accepting that the actual delivery time is defined and controlled by third-party contractors. You should expect a delay in delivery when you enter inaccurate personal information. For avoiding delivery delays, you must enter the complete address followed by the correct postcode of the destination, working telephone number and email address. This will also be necessary when Buff BBQ/The Pit must inform you about any possible delivery issues.

In the wake of delivery problems, expect the processing of your order on the next working day. Buff BBQ/The Pit does not give any guarantee of delivery date and time.

When the Delivery Arrives:

Whenever possible and if the delivery driver agrees, the items on a pallet will be off-loaded to the destination site or any near the access point. Since Buff BBQ/The Pit must comply with contractual agreements signed with delivery companies, you should not expect our control over any of the delivery personnel whether they will assist you with moving and handling of your items into houses, doorways, garages outbuildings etc. It is advised that you must have the means of handling and disposing of packaging materials adequately particularly when your shipments carry bulk quantities. 

Delivery is considered completed once the product arrives at mentioned address. Though the signatures are proof of delivery it is entirely up to third party contractors how they define and decide the proof of confirmation. There is no requirement of seeking the recipient’s permission for leaving the products at the mentioned address until and unless the recipient has explicitly mentioned that “products should not be delivered in their absence” or when the delivery company requires the recipient’s signature for confirmation. Only adults (18 years or more) are authorized to sign the delivery receipts. Buff BBQ/The Pit will no longer hold any responsibility whatsoever once you, your agent or any other intended recipient receive the products. Any damage caused thereafter will be your responsibility.

When the destination of delivery is an office or commercial place such as hotels, shops, hospitals, airports and other similar territories, only the persons authorized by their respective organizations will be asked for signed into the delivery confirmation receipts.

In case of delivery refusal at the mentioned address and/or reschedule request for another date, you will have to bear the charges of second delivery because the first delivery charges were already satisfied as soon as the transaction was complete.

The recipients are responsible to make sure that they sign up for the right number of packages matching with the carrier’s delivery consignment note. In case of shortages, they must be mentioned in the consignment note. It is your responsibility to inform Buff BBQ about shortages within 10 days of delivery. It is also recommended that you must check the content before receiving and signing the delivery note. It will help you to avoid receiving any damaged boxes.