In the days of old, there used to be a huge amount of difference between a BBQ smoker and a BBQ grill. The choice was either a nice quick grill but with a lack of flavour, or low and slow but with a huge amount of manual labour and preparation. 

Fast forward to 2020 – you no longer have to make that choice. Pellet grills are here to give you everything you need in one made to last package. The guys at Pit Boss Grills and Louisiana Grills have created an amazing range of 8-in-1 BBQ smokers that allow you to cook however you want. 

Whether it’s a quick BBQ or a perfect low and slow flavour feast, you can do it all with one amazing BBQ smoker. For even more convenience, some BBQ smokers are even fitted with WiFi and Bluetooth control, so you can monitor and adjust your grill from wherever you choose. 

There are virtually no downsides to an 8-in-1 pellet grill, making it the obvious choice when it comes to buying your next BBQ smoker.

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When it comes to al fresco dining, whatever the weather, there is only one way to line your stomach and feed hordes of guests who arrive with beers and burgers. Outside, over an open flame.

The idea of cooking and eating outdoors is one which has long been associated with the joys of spending time outside, with buyers tending to head to camping, outdoor and grill stores the latest and greatest in outdoor cooking tools, lighting aids and equipment. The challenge? Finding something suitable that’s in stock not just in summer, but also through the winter months.

So, should you invest in a BBQ smoker grill with its low level flame and slow cook features, or opt instead for the standard BBQ grill which cooks food hot and fast and is perfect for searing a piece of BBQ meat with a charred outside and a rare centre?

And more importantly – what if we told you that you could have the benefits of both, wrapped up into one industry-leading range of BBQ smoker grills?

Exploring The Benefits of bbq smoker grills

One of the best things about cooking outside is the exposure of your meat to its heat source. It provides a different flavour, it gives you total control over the finish of your meat, and it takes us back to the days of campfires and cookouts; an integral part of human history which indoor ovens have long since left behind. Whether you decide to smoke or grill your burger or piece of steak, the proximity of the meat to the source is such that the end effect is charred, smoky and infused with fantastic flavour.


First up, you could buy a simple BBQ grill, offering all the novelty of open fire cooking alongside the charred finish and distinct flavour you get from natural smoked meat. Pit Boss BBQ Smokers is a particularly strong brand when it comes to different grills, understanding that the very best designs are those which maximise their use of space to include different levels and locations for your meat. Pit Boss smokers offer a space for the cooked meat, a space for the slow-cooking meat, and a space for flash-cooked steaks.

Alternatively, you could invest in a vertical smoker such as those by Louisiana Grills, whose range of BBQ smoker grills have long been one of the most popular grills on the market, and have recently expanded to include all-new WiFi controlled devices. This engages the innovative use of an app for complete control – whether you are stood right next to the BBQ or are inside prepping your BBQ salads and side dishes. The only brand to currently offer Wi-Fi control, this remote technology makes the Louisiana Grill the ultimate toy for BBQ lovers and meat fanatics, all built into a stylish self-contained design which is perfect for use all year round. You can control the temperature from your phone, leaving your BBQ to cook your meat to perfection.

With so many new players on the market, the BBQ world is busting at the seams, with so many brands claiming to be “the best”. But the question that continuously arises is, why settle for a single purpose grill or smoker when you could get one product that has the versatility of 8 different cooking methods in one, with all the control and flavour of a smoker and all the grilled delight of a standard BBQ grill?  



When it comes to cooking meat, we are firmly of the belief that grilling and smoking takes it to the next level. Outdoor implements and tools deliver perfect results come rain or shine to achieve that perfect chargrilled steak.

Providing the even cook with a balanced infusion of flavour, torched with a chargrilled finish which pairs perfectly the soft and tender centre of the meat, a smoker grill is a must-have for every meat lover. Giving the user the versatility of deciding exactly how to cook and finish their meat, BBQ smoker grills have a large cooking area and distinct design which places the source of the heat to one side of the cooking surface, rather than directly below the entire plate.

BBQ smoker grills are designed so that the temperature and degree of cooking is in your hands, giving you the power to grill your meat directly or indirectly. You can choose exactly how you want to use your smoker, either by engaging the sliding cooking plate which sits atop the grill surface and provides your meat with direct access to the flame below, or a more even style of cooking using the convection coil which distributes the heat across the area.

And that’s not all. Gone are the days of constantly monitoring your meat to check the temperature. With modern BBQ smokers, you simply set the digital temperate gauge to your ideal temperate, stick your thermometer probe into the meat to track its progress, and forget about it.


For those truly passionate about outdoor cooking and strive for chargrilled perfection with every bite, the combination BBQ smokers and grills provide all the benefits of an outdoor smoker, with all the ease of a standard grill, to achieve the finest in culinary delight.

Not only are these BBQ smoker grills perfect for any budget and any taste bud, but with such a fantastic cross-section of products from both Pit Boss and Louisiana Grills, everything on offer is purpose-built to provide the finest quality and long-term buyer security; with a 5 year warranty on all BBQs.

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