Big K Woodies Wood Wool Firelighters Bundle





Big K Woodies Wood Wool Firelighters

Big K’s Woodies Firelighters are the perfect way to light barbecues and other fires. Made from 100% natural wood wool and wax, they light easily and quickly, producing minimal smoke and very little odour. Our Woodies Firelighters are safe and easy to use, and they’re the perfect way to light any of our range of Big K charcoals. Simply use the firelighters as directed by the lighting instructions for each type of charcoal.

With a burn time of approximately 7 minutes, there’s plenty of time to get your barbecue going. Try Big K’s Woodies Firelighters today for an easy way to get cooking.

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Big K Safety Matches (Pack of 60)

These extra long matches offer a safe way of lighting things such as barbecues, open fires, stoves, gas fires, camping stoves and cookers the length of the match makes it difficult to burn your fingers, while the safety head means that without striking the match on the box or exposing to an open flame they will not light.

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Big K Restaurant Grade Charcoal 15KG

There are some charcoals that simply lack the stamina. And in the grill game only the strong survive. Introducing Dura, the high quality charcoal that’s all about power and longevity.

Dura is our longest burning lump wood charcoal, delivering a cooking time of over 3 hours. So if you need dependability and consistent heat for a long cook, Dura is the charcoal for you. With its versatile nature, Dura is ideal for both home and restaurant barbecuers. So whether you’re roasting an entire chicken for a get together at home, or requiring a long and steady burn from your restaurant grill, Dura is the ideal choice.

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