Buschbeck Milano Masonry Barbecue Bundle





Buschbeck Milano Masonry Barbecue

The combination of a pure white quartz upper structure surface together with the brown combustion chamber and wood compartment create a beautiful contrast in the Buschbeck Milano masonry barbecue fireplace. As with most of our Buschbeck barbecue fireplaces, the double skinned construction of the Buschbeck Milano means it can burn several different types of fuel allowing you to start off cooking on charcoal and then moving on to logs or firewood when you want to sit round the fireplace to keep nice and warm!

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Buschbeck Masonry Barbecue Full Cover

Buschbeck Full Cover for masonry barbecues – fits all models with masonry chimney hood.


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Buschbeck Cast Iron Plancha Solid Grid

The Buschbeck Cast Iron Plancha Solid Grid is an excellent accessory for all Buschbeck BBQ / Outdoor Fireplaces. Cooking on cast iron is preferable than chrome as the cast iron retains its heat.
The porcelain enamelled coating allows the hot plate to be cleaned more easily after use, whilst preventing corrosion to the grilling surfaces of the hot plate.

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97 in stock