Choice USGF Beef Ribeye Lip Off (6.5kg) Bundle





Choice USGF Beef Ribeye Lip Off (6.5kg)

This prime cut of beef boasts an abundance of fat interspersed within the lean meat. The beautiful fat flecks throughout ensure that the meat will not dry out too quickly or become tough when cooked. soft, tender, and juicy, the meat has a moreish texture. You can cut ribeye into roasting joints or steaks and season to BBQ.

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Oakridge Santa Maria Grill Seasoning 5 oz

Santa Maria Grill Seasoning is Oakridge's take on a classic California taste. A new level of flavor has been added to the fabled Santa Maria grill seasoning. Garlic, pepper, and spicy chilies combine with natural sea salt and special herbs and spices for a savoury/spicy/sweet balance.

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Oakridge Crucible Ghost Chile Rub - 6 oz.

Feeling brave when it comes to spice? This rub is the ultimate heat challenge and we dare you! Made using the hottest chiles in the world, this ghost chile rub from Oakridge is limited edition with only 800 packs available and features citrus notes along with a powerful punch that you may or may not be able to handle!

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