Fontana Leather Glove Bundle





Fontana Leather Glove

The Leather Glove provides optimal protection against temperatures up to 250 degrees celsius.

The leather/suede coating improves grip to always have everything at your fingertips and is extremely comfortable to wear. The glove has been designed with a long cuff to protect your forearms.

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Fontana Fire Tool

The Fontana fire tool is a must have accessory for your pizza oven or barbecue. This useful fire tool has been crafted from durable stainless steel and is designed to help you maintain your temperature and flame to perfection. It’s long handle with wooden gripped end ensures a good grip even if your hands are greasy and prevents burnt fingers and hands

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Big K Heat Logs Pack of 12

Heat logs are a clean alternative to seasoned firewood for heating your home that don't spit or create sparks. Heat logs are made from 100% recycled waste material and are long lasting, making them an environmentally friendly choice. They are ideal for burning on wood fuel stoves, wood burners, open fires, pizza ovens and even outside in chimeneas.

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