GMG Accessories – Collapsible Upper DB Rack Bundle





Green Mountain Grills Collapsible Upper Rack Choice Grill

Genuine OEM Green Mountain Grills New Collapsible Upper Racks – Great for smoking, will double your grill space!  Works in Choice and Prime Model Grills.  Made from the highest quality stainless steel.  Will never rust.

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Green Mountain Grills Food Porter

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Green Mountain Grills Pellets - Gold - 12.7kg

This mellow blend of red oak, hickory and maple subtly flavours your food without overpowering it. These are some of the hardest hardwoods and therefore produces a long burn with modest smoke and are 100% hardwood pellets with no fillers, binders or additives. Packaged in a heavy duty plastic bag for ease of handling and storage. Original Green Mountain Grills Premium Pellets

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92 in stock