GMG Accessories – Rib Rack Bundle





Green Mountain Grills Rib Rack

This is a genuine high quality rib rack from Green Mountain Grills.  This high quality rib rack ships new and is perfect for larger BBQ cooking surfaces.

Green Mountain Grill Rib Rack.  This large rib rack fits GMG Ledge (Daniel Boone), Peak (Jim Bowie), as well as all other large BBQs.

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Green Mountain Grills Peak Rotisserie

Use your GMG Prime Plus Pellet Grill as a wood-fired rotisserie for friends and family gatherings. You can slow roast and smoke chicken, pork shoulders, loins, ribs and more. The stainless steel housing of the 110V motor is designed to withstand the elements outdoors, and once set up the machine can turn up to 24 lbs of food!

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