GMG Grills Ledge BBQ Black Bundle





Green Mountain Grills Ledge BBQ Smoker

Looking for a prime grill that is going to allow you to cook prime meat to perfection? This is the BBQ for you. BBQ grillers will enjoy the 13.5" peaked lid and 458 square feet of grilling space provided by the Ledge BBQ. With this bit of kit, you can cook any type of meat you desire, even remotely!

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Green Mountain Grills Peak & Ledge Pizza Oven

The GMG Ledge and Peak Pellet Grills can be turned into Wood-Fired gourmet pizza ovens. Heat is captured from the Firebox by the pizza oven attachment and directed straight up into the steel baking chamber enclosing the pizza stone. The end result is a crisp pizza cooked to perfection that can be served to family or friends!


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Green Mountain Green Large Pizza Peel

If you’re looking for a lightweight, durable pizza peel for your grill pizza attachment, this is the tool to choose. With an engraved wooden handle, the pizza peel is made of high-quality materials to ensure longevity. No matter how many pizza parties you want to host, this tool will always have your back thanks to its reliability!

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