Green Mountain Grills Accessories – Drip-EZ Grease Tray Inserts (Peak. Box of 8 Sets x 3/Set) Bundle





Green Mountain Grills Drip-EZ Grease Tray Inserts For Peak Grill Sets of 3

Stack the three liners on your grease tray to collect drippings. Simply peel off the top liner when necessary to clean up easily and conveniently. We highly recommend adding these liners to your cleaning arsenal, you’ll thank yourself later when you save half the time doing the job.

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Green Mountain Grills BBQ Toolset

Grill like a pro with a set of GMG grill utensils. Our Green Mountain Grill tool set is a perfect addition to your grilling accessory collection! Cook your meats and veggies to perfection every time and look good doing it! Includes: spatula with serrated sides and bottle opener, tongs, fork, and knife, Stainless steel durability and Convenience loops to hand on your side tray hooks.

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Green Mountain Grills Pellets - Gourmet - 12.7kg

Baby back ribs. Smoked pork tenderloin. Roasted chicken. These are few examples of the delicious meals you can grill using the 8-pound Green Mountain Grills Gourmet Grill Oak, Hickory, and Mesquite Pellet Blend. Perfect to use with gas, charcoal, electric, and pellet grills. Spice up your grilled culinary masterpieces with genuine wood flavour.

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96 in stock