Grill Cover For Primo Oval for all Built-in Applications Bundle





Primo Oval Built In Grill Cover

Built from quality black vinyl, this Primo 416 Built-In Grill Cover features an embroidered Primo logo on the front. With full protection from the elements, this cover will keep your Primo Grill looking and performing like new for many years to come. Any of owner of a Primo grill should invest in a weatherproof cover to keep their grill pristine!

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Rotisserie Kit For Primo Kamado Round

Planning a barbecue with a rotisserie? This rotisserie kit for your grill is the perfect addition to your Kamado Round grill. Its stainless steel frame is made to last, and it can hold a lot of meat, making it one of the best accessories on the market. Level-up and host all types of BBQ parties for friends and family whenever you wish!

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3 Sided Basket for Primo Grills Rotisserie

Whether you are cooking multiple cuts of fish, beef, or poultry, or even adding vegetables to your rotisserie meal, these baskets are a must-have if you’re a regular rotisserie goer. We recommend investing to add practicality and versatility to your grilling sessions, especially those that involve a rotisserie.

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