JC Wagyu Ribeye (7ribs) – Half Cut (3.2kg) Bundle





JC Wagyu Ribeye (7ribs) - Half Cut (3.2kg)

Wagyu ribeye steak can't be compared to any other type of steak. Marbled beautifully and rich with flavour, these steaks are the very best. Simply season and place on your grill for a few minutes to achieve a rare finish. You won't be disappointed!


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Oakridge SPOGOS Rub 6 oz

The saltiness of this rub is balanced by a punch of black pepper, with earthy mid-tones that linger. SPOGOS is suitable as a rub for anything you plan to grill including pork, lamb, ribs, poultry, and even veggies. If you want to bring a taste sensation to your next BBQ get together, this rub ticks all the boxes.

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Oakridge Competition Beef & Pork Rub 6 oz

The rub that started it all for Oakridge BBQ… The Original “COMP rub”; Competition Beef & Pork. Bold and flavourful with a subtle but noticeable background heat are the trademarks of this All Natural Gold Series rub.  Big flavours that marry perfectly with big, bold cuts of meat like rib-eyes, porterhouses, strip loins, beef brisket, burgers, chops, duck, pulled pork and pork spareribs.

100% Natural Ingredients, no MSG, and Gluten Free. Nut Allergy Free.


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