Louisiana Grills 1200 Founders Legacy Grill Cover Bundle





Louisiana Grills 1200 Founders Legacy Grill Cover

With a Louisiana Grills cover, you can keep your grill in pristine condition. A custom-sized grill cover fits perfectly on Louisiana's Founders Series Premier 1200 and is made using premium quality materials to ensure full protection no matter the time of year or weather conditions.

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Pit Boss Wood Pellets 3 Pack Bundle

Buy in bulk and save. Choose any 3 bags of Pit Boss 100% real wood pellets. To let us know which three bags you'd like simply enter the flavours in the notes section at checkout. If no notes are left we will choose 3 mouth watering flavours for you which work best for all types of meat.

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Louisiana Grills Cleaning Brush

With Louisiana Grills' Palmyra Cleaning Brush, you can safely clean your grill while ensuring peak performance. Featuring Palmyra bristles, this cleaning brush is hard-working and durable. Its ability to tackle any grill surface no matter how greasy makes it the ultimate brush tool to have on hand.

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