Louisiana Grills Founders Premier 1200 Pellet BBQ Smoker Bundle





Louisiana Grills Founders Premier 1200 BBQ Smoker

Boasting 1,205 square inches of grilling space, this mighty grill by Louisiana is technologically advanced and a reliable grill you can depend on. Durable and robust in its build thanks to its heavy steel construction. Fueled by hardwood pellets, this BBQ has a built-in smoke rack, two meat probes, and can be controlled remotely.


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Louisiana Grills Pizza Stone

Enjoy delicious home-baked pizzas with the Louisiana Grills 15" Pizza Stone. The durable ceramic material is designed to provide the ideal cooking surface for all your baking needs. Ceramic material conducts heat evenly, reducing hotspots and ensuring a deliciously crisp crust that is fully cooked every time.

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Louisiana Grills 3 Piece Tool Set

The Louisiana Grills Three-Piece Toolset will enhance your grilling experience to the max and kit you out like a pro. This high-end grilling set comes with wood handles, stainless steel construction, and convenient hanging loops. Ergonomically designed, they’re also comfortable to grip!

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