Louisiana Grills – Replacement Grease Bucket Bundle





Louisiana Grills Replacement Grease Bucket

Great for making cleaning up after grilling as straightforward as possible, this Louisiana Grill grease bucket is a handy accessory worth investing in. If you’re sick of spending hours cleaning grease away, this bucket will catch all drip from the gril to prevent grease buildup. This bucket is compatible with all Louisiana BBQs!

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Louisiana Grills Foil Bucket Liners

Use the Louisiana Grills Grease Bucket Liner to dispose of grease. All Louisiana Grills grease buckets are compatible with the disposable liner, which is made of aluminium. It easily captures grease and makes cleaning up simple and straightforward every time. Always handy to have as a BBQ accessory!

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Louisiana Grills Cleaning Brush

With Louisiana Grills' Palmyra Cleaning Brush, you can safely clean your grill while ensuring peak performance. Featuring Palmyra bristles, this cleaning brush is hard-working and durable. Its ability to tackle any grill surface no matter how greasy makes it the ultimate brush tool to have on hand.

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