Mollendo Wagyu Short Loin (1.1 kg) Bundle





Mollendo Wagyu Short Loin (1.1 kg)

If you want your meat to look as well as taste good, the Wagyu short loin is the perfect cut. As a result of the thick layer of fat, the meat is incredibly tender and has an intense beefy taste which makes it a great BBQ option if you want something simply delicious as it is!



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Oakridge SPOGOS Rub 6 oz

The saltiness of this rub is balanced by a punch of black pepper, with earthy mid-tones that linger. SPOGOS is suitable as a rub for anything you plan to grill including pork, lamb, ribs, poultry, and even veggies. If you want to bring a taste sensation to your next BBQ get together, this rub ticks all the boxes.

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Oakridge Santa Maria Grill Seasoning 5 oz

Santa Maria Grill Seasoning is Oakridge's take on a classic California taste. A new level of flavor has been added to the fabled Santa Maria grill seasoning. Garlic, pepper, and spicy chilies combine with natural sea salt and special herbs and spices for a savoury/spicy/sweet balance.

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