Mollendo Wagyu Striploin (2.8kg) Bundle





Mollendo Wagyu Striploin (2.8kg)

For a special birthday dinner party, this Striploin is perfect. These thick fillets, which melt in your mouth when you bite into them, provide a truly unique dining experience for everyone gathered around the table. Marbled with delicious fat, these sirloins are the best of the best for grilling


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Oakridge Carne Crosta Steakhouse Rub 5 oz

Infusing Brazilian flavours spanning delicious chilli assortments such as chipotle and ancho, this rub packs a delicious flavour and is great for use on steak cuts. In addition to its hot kick, the rub also features elements of zing from lime juice and perfect saltiness balanced with aromatic herbs such as coriander.


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Oakridge Saigon 21 Experimental Edition - 5 oz.

If you like experimenting, the Oak Ridge Saigon 21 Experimental rub is designed just for that. Inspired by delicious flavours found in the Saigon area of Vietnam, this seasoning features flavours of star anise, coriander, galangal, cinnamon, and many other exotic spices. Heat up the grill and rub your meat, it’s time for a taste sensation.

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