Oakridge – Habanero Death Dust Bundle 1lb





Oakridge Habanero Death Dust 1 lb

If you love spice, this is the rub for you. Oakridge Signature Habanero Death Dust delivers a mighty punch of chilli along with a delicious smoky taste. You can use this rub on any cut of meat or vegetables before BBQ’in for a fiery kick!

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Oakridge Competition Beef & Pork Rub 6 oz

The rub that started it all for Oakridge BBQ… The Original “COMP rub”; Competition Beef & Pork. Bold and flavourful with a subtle but noticeable background heat are the trademarks of this All Natural Gold Series rub.  Big flavours that marry perfectly with big, bold cuts of meat like rib-eyes, porterhouses, strip loins, beef brisket, burgers, chops, duck, pulled pork and pork spareribs.

100% Natural Ingredients, no MSG, and Gluten Free. Nut Allergy Free.


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Oakridge Carne Crosta Steakhouse Rub 5 oz

Infusing Brazilian flavours spanning delicious chilli assortments such as chipotle and ancho, this rub packs a delicious flavour and is great for use on steak cuts. In addition to its hot kick, the rub also features elements of zing from lime juice and perfect saltiness balanced with aromatic herbs such as coriander.


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