Oakridge – Venison & Wild Game Rub – 6 oz Bundle





Oakridge Venison & Wild Game Rub - 6 oz

If you plan to cook wild game on your grill, this is the ultimate rub to maximise taste and add an extra layer of delicious depth. Pairing wonderfully with all game meats, the ingredients in this rub include paprika, ancho, chipotle, and lemongrass to name just a few. This is a definite game-changer and a rub worth trying!

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Oakridge Game Changer Brine & Injection - 1.1 lb.

One of the best brines on the market is Game Changer Brine & Injection. You can use it to brine fish, venison, pork and poultry. Injections can also be used for pork butts, shoulders, and loin roasts for a deep, rich taste that elevates the already delicious meat you plan to BBQ.

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Oakridge Secret Weapon Pork & Chicken Rub 6 oz

Secret Weapon Pork & Chicken Rub is a rich, complex, savoury rub seasoned with just the right amount of heat and sweetness. Due to the use of twelve carefully selected exotic herbs and spices, you can enjoy a totally unique flavour profile for your grilled chicken and pork.

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