Pit Boss 6 Piece Cast Iron Starter Kit Bundle





Pit Boss 6 Piece Cast Iron Starter Kit

About The Pit Boss 6 Piece Cast Iron Starter Kit

With the Pit Boss 6 Piece Cast Iron Starter Set, you can prepare all your favourite meals right from the kitchen to the grill or wherever you want. Included in this set are a 10" long handled skillet, a 12" deep skillet with lid, a 10" camp oven with lid, and a durable leather cooking glove for protection.

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Pit Boss Peach Butcher Paper

Picture it now: layers of perfectly cooked smoked brisket. Pit Boss peach butcher paper helps you achieve the perfect smoke on your meat with use on the BBQ. The high-quality, professional-grade paper is designed to seal in the flavours of smoke and slow cook your meat to a delicious finish.

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Louisiana Grills All in one Tool

With this all in one tool, you can easily grip cuts of meat as they sizzle away on the BBQ. Louisiana Grill’s handy accessory allows you to do it all: flipping, grabbing, and much more. The dual-edge spatula is a great tool to have handy when preparing meat and all of the tools are made to a very high quality.

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