Pit Boss BBQ Smoker Expanding Smoke Tube 7-12” Bundle





Pit Boss BBQ Smoker Expanding Smoke Tube 7-12”

The 7-12 inch expanding smoke tube from Pit Boss allows you to add even more smoky goodness to your meat on the grill. Lightweight and durable in design, the tube can be used with any Pit Boss BBQ and expands to the size required producing smoke for up to 2 hours.

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Pit Boss Wood Pellets 3 Pack Bundle

Buy in bulk and save. Choose any 3 bags of Pit Boss 100% real wood pellets. To let us know which three bags you'd like simply enter the flavours in the notes section at checkout. If no notes are left we will choose 3 mouth watering flavours for you which work best for all types of meat.

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Pit Boss BBQ Smoker Pizza Stone - 15”

Pizza and BBQ’s come together with this 15 inch Pit Boss Pizza Stone. Add a real wood fired flavour to any pizza creations and mix up the BBQ entertaining a bit. This pizza stone helps to get a crisp crust while ensuring all of the toppings are perfectly cooked.

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