Pit Boss BBQ Smoker Pizza Stone – 15” Bundle





Pit Boss BBQ Smoker Pizza Stone - 15”

Pizza and BBQ’s come together with this 15 inch Pit Boss Pizza Stone. Add a real wood fired flavour to any pizza creations and mix up the BBQ entertaining a bit. This pizza stone helps to get a crisp crust while ensuring all of the toppings are perfectly cooked.

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Pit Boss BBQ Big Head Spatula

Sometimes you’ve just got to go BIG! The Pit Boss Big Head Spatula is the biggest spatula out there and arguably one of the best too. Flip burgers, steaks, and veggies with ease using this high-quality stainless steel tool. With a soft touch and easily grippable handle, nothing will be stopping you!

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Pit Boss Magnetic Cutting Board

Keep your cutting board in one place when preparing your food for grilling! This magnetic Pit Boss Cutting board is made of high-quality bamboo and will help prevent slipping and moving as you grill. Designed for the BBQ grill side, it attaches to any steel surface and it’s grooved edge keeps things tidy.

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