Pit Boss BBQ Spatula Bundle





Pit Boss BBQ Spatula

The quintessential BBQ grilling tool, this large cut spatula should be on hand for flipping, lifting, and everything in between. Treat your meat cuts with the respect they deserve with a tool that’s versatile, durable, and high in quality. An easy-to-grip handle and easy-to-clean surface make it extra appealing.

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Pit Boss Extended BBQ Cleaning Brush

No one likes cleaning but BBQ’s deserve a little TLC. The Pit Boss Extended Cleaning Brush makes the job an easy one thanks to its extended length handle for easy access to grill grates. Remove leftover food and grease with ease and keep your grill in perfect condition for next time!

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Pit Boss Wood Pellets 3 Pack Bundle

Buy in bulk and save. Choose any 3 bags of Pit Boss 100% real wood pellets. To let us know which three bags you'd like simply enter the flavours in the notes section at checkout. If no notes are left we will choose 3 mouth watering flavours for you which work best for all types of meat.

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