Pit Boss Cherry BBQ Smoker Pellets – 9KG Bundle





Pit Boss Cherry Pellets - 9kg

Cherry Hardwood Pellets from Pit Boss are the ideal blend for any smoker. With a slightly sweet and tart flavor, light meats like chicken, lamb, and fish are given a distinctive rosy color that is unmatched in appearance and taste. These pellets are made of 100% natural cherry wood.

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Pit Boss Charcoal Wood Pellets - 9kg

If you’re a fan of traditional smoky BBQ flavour, these Pit Boss Charcoal Wood Pellets should be your number one choice. Perfect for just about any type of meat, the pellets carry a bold aroma and a classic charcoal taste for a sensational grilling experience.

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Pit Boss Apple BBQ Smoker Pellets - 9kg

If you’re looking to add a subtle, sweet taste to your grilled meat, we recommend Pit Boss Apple BBQ smoker pellets.Totally natural and free from any nasty additives, these pellets are a great blend for a fruity addition to pork and lamb. Experience the clean and crisp flavour of these quality pellets for yourself.

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