Pit Boss Kamado BBQ 24 Inches (Black) Bundle





Pit Boss Kamado BBQ 24 Inches (Black)

Named the Kamado due to its Japanese inspired egg shape, this grill offers 662" square inches of cooking space, a beautiful aesthetic, and a robust ceramic build. With a temperature gauge on the lid and bamboo side shelves, this grill is on the smaller side, but don’t let that undermine its power!

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Pit Boss BBQ Smoker Pizza Stone - 15”

Pizza and BBQ’s come together with this 15 inch Pit Boss Pizza Stone. Add a real wood fired flavour to any pizza creations and mix up the BBQ entertaining a bit. This pizza stone helps to get a crisp crust while ensuring all of the toppings are perfectly cooked.

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Pit Boss All In One BBQ Tool

If you’re looking for a tool that will do all the tricks when it comes to BBQ’in, this is it. The Pit Boss All In One Tool is capable of flipping, grabbing, and tenderising. As a stainless steel spatula and tongs combo, this is the ultimate tool to invest in. Super comfy to hold and super handy.

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