Pit Boss Mesquite Wood Pellets 9KG Bundle





Pit Boss Mesquite Wood Pellets - 9kg

Looking for a quintessential Texan BBQ flavour? We have you covered with the Pit Boss Mesquite blend pellets. Load them up in the grill and fire away as your meat cooks in the delicious smoky aroma. Tangy, spicy, and 100% authentic, these are a must-have!

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Pit Boss Cherry Pellets - 9kg

Cherry Hardwood Pellets from Pit Boss are the ideal blend for any smoker. With a slightly sweet and tart flavor, light meats like chicken, lamb, and fish are given a distinctive rosy color that is unmatched in appearance and taste. These pellets are made of 100% natural cherry wood.

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Pit Boss Hickory BBQ Smoker Pellets

Pit Boss Hickory Pellets are one of the most popular pellet options and it’s not hard to see why. Composed of totally natural hardwork, these pellets add a greater depth and smokiness to the taste of your meat. Whether you’re grilling ribs or a prime cut of beef, these pellets are a great go-to.

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