Pit Boss Ultimate Griddle 5 Burner Plancha BBQ Cover Bundle





Pit Boss Ultimate Griddle 5 Burner Plancha BBQ Cover

The custom fit Pit Boss Ultimate Plancha Cover - 5 Burner gives full-length coverage for a Pit Boss PB5BGD2 Ultimate Plancha - 5 Burner thanks to its 600D polyester construction with PVC reinforced lining.

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Pit Boss All In One BBQ Tool

If you’re looking for a tool that will do all the tricks when it comes to BBQ’in, this is it. The Pit Boss All In One Tool is capable of flipping, grabbing, and tenderising. As a stainless steel spatula and tongs combo, this is the ultimate tool to invest in. Super comfy to hold and super handy.

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Pit Boss Extended BBQ Cleaning Brush

No one likes cleaning but BBQ’s deserve a little TLC. The Pit Boss Extended Cleaning Brush makes the job an easy one thanks to its extended length handle for easy access to grill grates. Remove leftover food and grease with ease and keep your grill in perfect condition for next time!

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