Pit Boss Whiskey Blend BBQ Smoker Pellets – 9KG Bundle





Pit Boss Whiskey Pellets - 9kg

Aromatic and sweet with a smoky tang, these pellets are ideal for grilling any type of red meat. Delivering exceptional taste thanks to a premium blend of 100% oak, these pellets also contains no artificial flavors, sprays, glues, or chemicals. If you’re looking for a bold aroma, look no further!

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Pit Boss Charcoal Wood Pellets - 9kg

If you’re a fan of traditional smoky BBQ flavour, these Pit Boss Charcoal Wood Pellets should be your number one choice. Perfect for just about any type of meat, the pellets carry a bold aroma and a classic charcoal taste for a sensational grilling experience.

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Pit Boss Mesquite Wood Pellets - 9kg

Looking for a quintessential Texan BBQ flavour? We have you covered with the Pit Boss Mesquite blend pellets. Load them up in the grill and fire away as your meat cooks in the delicious smoky aroma. Tangy, spicy, and 100% authentic, these are a must-have!

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