Primo Air Flow Controller For All Primo Grills Bundle





Primo Air Flow Controller For All Primo Grills

You can control the temperature of your pit from anywhere with this WiFi based fan controller. Using the 2 meat probes included, you can monitor your grilled food's temperature with absolute ease and ensure that it is cooked thoroughly. We highly recommend buying this accessory as a means of safe BBQ’in!

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Rotisserie Kit For Primo XL400

This is the perfect addition to the Primo Ceramic XL400 oval BBQ. Enjoy a tasty rotisserie feast with this Spit of Fire Rotisserie kit! Made using excellent quality stainless steel, this kit is an ideal add-on if you are a fan of entertaining guests and family with delicious BBQ’d meals.

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3 Sided Basket for Primo Grills Rotisserie

Whether you are cooking multiple cuts of fish, beef, or poultry, or even adding vegetables to your rotisserie meal, these baskets are a must-have if you’re a regular rotisserie goer. We recommend investing to add practicality and versatility to your grilling sessions, especially those that involve a rotisserie.

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