Primo Grills Oval LG 300 Kamado & Smoker BBQ Bundle





Primo Grills Oval LG 300 Kamado & Smoker BBQ

The Primo Oval LG300 has a traditional Japanese aesthetic and plenty of room to BBQ for friends and family. With heat deflector plates, HD plates, and a firebox divider, you have everything you need to cook on the go or to host a party. The stainless steel cooking grids are high in quality to prevent any sort of sticking, bringing about happy grilling time!

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Primo Oval Built In Grill Cover

Built from quality black vinyl, this Primo 416 Built-In Grill Cover features an embroidered Primo logo on the front. With full protection from the elements, this cover will keep your Primo Grill looking and performing like new for many years to come. Any of owner of a Primo grill should invest in a weatherproof cover to keep their grill pristine!

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Rotisserie Kit For Primo LG300

Designed for use with the Primo LG300, this is the ultimate accessory for cooking up delicious meaty feasts for your guests. Designed to last and made of durable stainless steel, this rotisserie kit is a must-have cooking accessory to level-up your BBQ game! Why have less when you can have more grilling power?

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