Rib & Chicken Rack For All Primo Grills Bundle





Rib & Chicken Rack For All Primo Grills

This rib and chicken rack for use with all Primo grills allows you to grill and smoke larger cuts of meat such as ribs, chickens, and other roasts. The durable porcelain coating ensures a long-life and weather resistance while the handles on the size add convenience and easy manouvering.

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Rotisserie Kit For Primo LG300

Designed for use with the Primo LG300, this is the ultimate accessory for cooking up delicious meaty feasts for your guests. Designed to last and made of durable stainless steel, this rotisserie kit is a must-have cooking accessory to level-up your BBQ game! Why have less when you can have more grilling power?

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Primo Air Flow Controller For All Primo Grills

You can control the temperature of your pit from anywhere with this WiFi based fan controller. Using the 2 meat probes included, you can monitor your grilled food's temperature with absolute ease and ensure that it is cooked thoroughly. We highly recommend buying this accessory as a means of safe BBQ’in!

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